Setting The Direction For Nursing & Midwifery Education in Scotland

Strategic aims from Chief Nursing Officer's Education Review

Foreword by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing

Alex Neil

Our Vision for Healthcare[1] for the people of Scotland is clear and attainable; by 2020 everyone will be living longer healthier lives, supported to live independently at home for as long as possible and receive more treatments in the community rather than as hospital inpatients. Adult health and social care services will be integrated and services for children will be designed to ensure they have the best start in life. We are ambitious but committed to achieving our 2020 Vision. We will continuously improve the safety and effectiveness of our services and by putting people at the centre of everything we do, will deliver the high quality healthcare that the people of Scotland expect and deserve.

Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision[2], has been developed in recognition of the value we place on the NHS workforce and the essential role played by everyone in responding to the changes and striving to deliver a high quality health service that is amongst the best in the world. Now, as we move towards a health and social care system which is driven by improving people's wellbeing in all states of health, stages of life, and across diverse settings, clinical teams in particular will be expected to work in increasingly complex and demanding ways.

Nurses, midwives and those that assist and support their roles are the largest group of practitioners in the NHS family and the skills, knowledge and values they bring to the service have a significant impact. The NHS relies on nursing and midwifery education to prepare competent and caring practitioners who demonstrate professional behaviours and NHS values but also education that continues to develop skills in practice and research throughout professional careers.

The Chief Nursing Officer's Review of Nursing and Midwifery Education was timely in identifying the strengths and achievements in education and research in Scotland whilst recognising the challenges associated with educating a workforce to deliver high quality care within a rapidly changing health and care setting.

I welcome Setting the Direction as an important way forward.

Alex Neil, MSP
Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing


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