Scottish Radiotherapy Patient Experience Survey 2014: Results for Aberdeen Radiotherapy Centre

Results of the first Scottish Radiotherapy Patient Experience Survey 2014 for Aberdeen Radiotherapy Centre.


This report gives a summary of the results of the Radiotherapy Patient Experience Survey 2014 for Aberdeen Radiotherapy Centre

Survey questionnaires were distributed to 398 patients who underwent a final radiotherapy treatment at Aberdeen Radiotherapy Centre between 13/03/2014 and 04/07/2014.

The survey asked questions about people's experiences of consent, information received before radiotherapy treatment, website information, radiotherapy treatment, information given about support, information following treatment and overall radiotherapy care.

You can find a copy of the survey at:

228 Aberdeen Radiotherapy Centre patients returned feedback on their experiences. Of those patients willing to provide information about themselves:

  • 1% were aged 16-34; 34% were aged 35-64; and 65% were aged 65 and over.
  • 57% did not have any limiting illness or disability.
  • 43% were male and 57% were female.

The survey was commissioned by the Scottish Government as part of the Scottish Care Experience Survey Programme, which aims to use the public's experiences of health and care services to improve those services. The survey fieldwork was carried out by Quality Health Ltd, a care experience survey contractor.

The results of the survey will be used by Aberdeen Radiotherapy Centre, and the Scottish Government to improve the quality of healthcare in Scotland by focusing on the areas that patients tell us are important to them and where they consider improvements could be made.

To find out more about what Aberdeen Radiotherapy Centre is doing to make improvements please contact: Aberdeen Radiotherapy Centre
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
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For more information on the work to improve cancer services and outcomes within Scotland see: or contact:


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