Scottish Mental Health Law Review: new members appointed

Letter from John Scott QC regarding the appointment of Karen Martin and Graham Morgan to the Executive Team.

When the Minister for Mental Health announced the review of Mental Health law in Scotland earlier this year, she was clear that people with lived experience of the law in practice should be at the centre of the review. 

In my role as independent Chair of the review, I am also committed to ensuring that it is fully informed by people with lived experience in a variety of ways. For example the review has already established two Advisory Groups which focus on specific issues – Communications/Engagement and Compulsion, and they each have a 50% membership of those with lived experience.

I think it is appropriate to replicate that membership model for the Executive Team which is made up of people who manage the review alongside me.  In that regard I am therefore delighted to announce that Karen Martin and Graham Morgan have agreed to become members of the Executive Team.

Karen and Graham have a wealth of experience which they will be able to call upon to help with the significant decisions which need to be made about the delivery of the review, and in due course development of recommendations for change. 

John Scott QC

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