Scottish Health Survey Project Board: membership and overview

A group to support the Scottish Health Survey.

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The Scottish Health Survey Project Board plays a key role in the governance of the Scottish Health Survey, alongside the project manager, information asset owner (Head of Health and Social Care Analytical Services) and a wider network of users.

The board includes representatives from:

  • key user organisations
  • policy divisions
  • Health and Social Care Analysis division and the Office of the Chief Statistician
  • the survey contractor

The board meets twice a year and is responsible for making or agreeing strategic decisions about the survey. This includes:

  • discussing potential changes to the questionnaire and agreeing major changes, such as new topics for inclusion or topics to be removed
  • agreeing the dissemination strategy for the survey
  • where appropriate, agreeing any major changes to the methodology of the survey or new modes of data collection
  • where feasible, supporting the project manager and contractor in efforts to improve response and minimise bias in the survey
  • agreeing appropriate action in response to fieldwork and other contract performance issues (non-contractor members)
  • making decisions in relation to the procurement or extension of the survey contract (non-contractor members)
  • providing input into the content of publications
  • providing a link to users, including health boards and other local areas


The membership of the board is as follows:

  • Neil White (chair, Health and Social Care Analysis division)
  • Katherine Myant (Health and Social Care Analysis division)
  • Julie Landsberg (Survey Manager, Health and Social Care Analysis division)
  • Jamie Macfarlane (Office of the Chief Statistician)
  • Gregor Smith (Chief Medical Officer, Medical Advisory division)
  • Tom Ferris (Chief Dental Officer, Dentistry, Optometry and Audiology division)
  • Jules Goodlet-Rowley (Health Improvement division)
  • Mairi Macpherson (Improving Health and Wellbeing division)
  • Andrew Sinclair (Active Scotland division)
  • Sarah Martin (Mental Health division)
  • Morris Fraser (Drugs Policy division)
  • Gillian Purdon (Food Standards Scotland)
  • Lucie Giles (Public Health Scotland)
  • Bruce Whyte (Glasgow Centre for Population Health)
  • Dr Eliud Kibuchi (Medical Research Council (MRC))
  • Clare Campbell (NHS Fife, representing all health boards)
  • Victoria Wilson (Survey contractors, ScotCen)
  • Stephen Rule (Survey contractors, ScotCen)
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