Scottish Government workforce: diversity and inclusion statistics - 2021

Statistics on the diversity of core Scottish Government permanent staff and the experiences of different demographic groups within the workforce.

The statistics presented in this report come from data available as at 31 December 2021 from a number of internal management information sources. Data is presented broken down by age, sex & gender, trans status, disability, ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation and socio-economic background. Under each demographic characteristic, the report is split into three sections (where data is available):

  • workforce composition: these sections contain statistics on the changing workforce in the Scottish Government using management information. They are demographic characteristic breakdowns of: occupational segregation of staff; applications at each stage of the recruitment process; and staff joining and leaving the organisation.
  • staff experiences: these sections contain statistics on additional management information measures for each demographic group. They are: levels of absence by demographic group; proportion of each demographic group achieving each performance marking; proportion of promotion of each demographic group; proportion of each demographic group on a temporary promotion; and average pay by sex, disability status or ethnic group.
  • workforce culture: these sections contain results from the Civil Service People Survey 2021 and contain the following scores for each demographic group: employee engagement score; inclusion and fair treatment score; proportion of respondents experiencing bullying and/or harassment; and proportion of respondents experiencing discrimination.

The report is available on the diversity statistics website.



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