National Partnership for Culture recommendations: Scottish Government response

Our response to the recommendations received from the National Partnership for Culture.

Ministerial Foreword

Neil Gray, Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development, and Minister with Special Responsibility for Refugees from Ukraine.

I was pleased to receive the recommendations from the National Partnership for Culture. Our Culture Strategy for Scotland is centred on a vision which recognises the intrinsic value of culture, and the power of culture to inspire, enrich and transform people's lives, and our communities. The recommendations delivered by the National Partnership for Culture align with both the vision of the Culture Strategy, and the broader aims of the Scottish Government, as we focus on recovery from the Covid pandemic and the transition to a wellbeing economy.

The recommendations are timely, as work is underway in my portfolio to develop a refreshed Culture Strategy Action Plan. I have heard broad agreement in my discussions with the culture sector that the aims and ambitions of the Culture Strategy remain as relevant as ever. It is also clear, however, that since the Culture Strategy was published in 2020, the combined impact of Covid and EU Exit has highlighted a need to update the actions we take forward in order to deliver on the Culture Strategy's aims and ambitions. Along with significant stakeholder engagement, the report from the National Partnership for Culture is being considered as the refreshed Action Plan develops.

I wish to extend my thanks to the National Partnership for Culture and those who contributed to the themed workshops for their hard work as a voice for the culture sector, and for providing me and my fellow Scottish Ministers with their recommendations.



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