Scottish Government agreement with Institute for Healthcare Improvement: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

Information requested

  1. Dates [start-end] and value of each separate agreed tender, 'partner' award' to : A] IHI and B] IHO from 01.01.2013 to present day. [ ie first and any renewed ] Please include, agreed end date of a tendered partnership with either company, which is still current in 2023.
  2. A year by year, breakdown total, of how much the Scottish Government has paid over to these US companies for : support, services, technical or other goods provided to the Scottish Government or other Scottish public department [ie. tax or local rate payers' money] from 01.01.2013 onwards to present date.

Please identify these costs separately, for each of the following public services:

  • Scottish Health and Social Care
  • The Early Years Collaborative
  • Improvement Framework for Scotland's Public Services

A] The Scottish Government to US firm Institute for Healthcare Improvement, for support, services, products or other.

B ] The Scottish Government to US Institute for Healthcare Optimization for support services, products or other.


While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, in this instance the Scottish Government does not have some of the information you have requested because an exemption applies – s17(1) Information not held. The reasons why we don't have the information are explained below.

  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) – we do not have a breakdown of individual payments in the format requested, therefore the figures provided are full costs for each financial year from 2013 to 2023.
  • Institute for Healthcare Optimization (IHO) – the Scottish Government did not tender/ enter into contract with this supplier. The agreement which you refer was between National Services Scotland (NSS) and the Institute for Healthcare Optimization.

Information requested

The IHI is an independent not-for-profit organisation based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Recognised as a global leader in healthcare quality improvement, IHI has for 30 years used improvement science to advance and sustain better outcomes in health and health care across the world. Including the SG, IHI has a significant number of strategic partners here in the UK and across the world. IHI foster shared learning amongst their partners with the purpose of improving global health.

The Scottish Government had two previous framework agreements with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to provide improvement support to Scotland’s Public Services, which have now expired.

  1. 2013-2018
  2. 2018-2022

The Scottish Government does not currently have a framework agreement in place with the IHI.

The costs incurred by the Scottish Government with IHI in each calendar year since 2013 under the framework agreements are as follows:

2013 £171,846.95  
2014 £792,540.31  
2015 £359,700.76  
2016 £286,398.31  
2017 £291,206.53  
2018 £295,428.57  
2019 £117,052.95  
2020 £57,233.30* Conversion from USD on 27/01/2023
2021 £31,577.98* Conversion from USD on 30/01/2023
2022 £24,502.85  
2023 £3,568.50 Final invoices paid from 2022
Total £2,342,245.73  

Payments were not distinguished using the categories requested therefore we are unable to distinguish between Scottish Health and Social Care, and The Early Years Collaborative. The Scottish Government is unable to provide details of commissions and payments made by other Scottish Public Services under the framework agreements.

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