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Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel: work plan

Published: 30 Apr 2018
Agreed work plan for 2018 for the Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel.
30 Apr 2018
Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel: work plan

Members approved this work-plan on 18 April.

High-level priorities agreed are:

  1. To contribute to the development of the Fuel Poverty Bill and Draft Fuel Poverty Strategy;

  2. To scrutinise and identify learning points from the government's fuel poverty delivery programme evaluation processes to inform development of Energy Efficient Scotland, and as part of a wider role to advise on the design and content of the Outcomes Framework and regular reporting government is committed to providing on the Fuel Poverty Strategy;

  3. To input to the design of any new "fuel poverty assessment tool" linked to the new fuel poverty definition and the Definition Review Panel's report.

As part of this work-plan members also confirm their responsibility to:

  • monitor progress on the Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group and Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force's recommendations to Scottish Government

  • engage with strategic policy stakeholder groups, for example, the Poverty and Inequalities Committee and Energy Efficient Scotland Delivery Board