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Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel: work plan

Published: 30 Apr 2018

Agreed work plan for 2018 for the Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel.

30 Apr 2018
Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel: work plan

Members approved this work-plan on 18 April.

High-level priorities agreed are:

  1. To contribute to the development of the Fuel Poverty Bill and Draft Fuel Poverty Strategy; and

  2. To scrutinise and identify learning points from the government's fuel poverty delivery programme evaluation processes to inform development of Energy Efficient Scotland, and as part of a wider role to advise on the design and content of the Outcomes Framework and regular reporting government is committed to providing on the Fuel Poverty Strategy.

As part of this work-plan members also confirm their responsibility to:

  • monitor progress on the Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group and Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force's recommendations to Scottish Government

  • engage with strategic policy stakeholder groups, for example, the Poverty and Inequalities Committee and Energy Efficient Scotland Delivery Board