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Scottish Exchange of Data: secure accommodation

Published: 24 Jun 2020

Information and documentation relating to the provision of data for the annual Secure Accommodation data collection.

24 Jun 2020
Scottish Exchange of Data: secure accommodation


This  data collection  gathers information regarding secure care accommodation and the vulnerable young people accommodated in secure care. Please note, that the census period falls between the 1st of August and the 31st  of July the following year.  Some information collected will be reviewed specifically as at the 31st of July.

Completion of the collection is voluntary and is undertaken on an annual basis.  Participating units provide information regarding the number of secure residential care places, emergency/short term beds and the average cost per bed per week.  They also provide  resident details, including gender, age, ethnicity, religion, additional support needs, medical care, the local authority area of the child's home and details of their admission and discharge. The current publication “Secure Accommodation Statistics” can be accessed here.

Please note: Direct file exchange is conducted via a secure  file transfer system.

There are 3 main steps involved in completing the collection:

 1. Download your Secure accommodation’s template via your corresponding folder. The template  will be prepopulated with last year's data. Instructions for accessing the secure file transfer system will be sent directly.

 2. Update/complete your template with the new census data.  If you require any assistance you can refer to the collection guidance, which is available below.  When completing your template, please take care not to change the structure or layout of the form.

 3. Upload your completed template to our secure data collection system ProcXed. Once you have uploaded your data please address any validation errors highlighted by the system. Please contact the ScotXed team if you require any assistance. 

Key Information

Nature of Exchange

Secure accommodation units to Scottish Government


Secure accommodation unit and resident young people

Collection details

Census as at 31/7/21, plus admissions and discharges for period 01/08/20 to 31/07/21

Submission to Scottish Government

15 October 2021

Month of publication


Method of data submission


You can locate the Looked After Children, Child Protection, and Secure Accommodation Statistics Privacy Notices and Data Sharing Statements here.

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