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Scottish Energy Advisory Board: terms of reference

Published: 12 Dec 2011

Remit of the Board and terms of reference for the Scottish Energy Advisory Board.

12 Dec 2011
Scottish Energy Advisory Board: terms of reference


To be a forum for strategic discussion on the current and future energy challenges and opportunities for Scotland. To develop the Scottish industry view on these issues, to include potential synergies between the oil and gas, thermal generation, carbon capture and storage, and the renewables sectors, delivering a low carbon economy and ensuring the security of Scotland's energy supply maximising opportunities in a sustainably way for Scotland communities.

Key roles:

  • provide strategic level collaboration and communication on key issues facing the sector
  • understand and articulate the Scottish industry view on these issues
  • inform and test existing and developing policy
  • enable rapid response to changes in the operating environment
  • initiate actions for discussion and advice to Government and themed groups.
  • take forward and co-ordinate action of themed groups to inform policy

Guiding principles

Central to the operation of the Board is a partnership between industry, ministers and agencies and others, dedicated to understanding the issues facing the sector in Scotland and vocalising the Scottish view.

Decisions will be made for the benefit of the energy sector and Scottish economy.

Working practices:

  • the Scottish Energy Advisory Board will be chaired by The First Minister and Jim McDonald, Principal, University of Strathclyde (co-chair)
  • the secretariat function will be provided by the Scottish Government
  • the Board will meet at least twice annually
  • the agenda will be constructed by the Board secretariat in consultation with its members and subject to the agreement of its Chair and Co-Chair. Prior to meetings, all members will be invited to contribute to the agenda
  • board meetings will be held in private, however in general, meeting papers, including meeting notes will be made public once they are in final agreed form. Exceptions to this may arise on occasion, with the agreement of the Board Chair. Notwithstanding this approach, the Scottish Government as with other public sector bodies, remains subject to Freedom of Information legislation which will apply to all information held about the work of the Board
  • the Board membership will be constructed so as to contain members from key organisations, including the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and from industry and the STUC
  • individual members will serve in a personal capacity, but will draw on their experience as members of companies, departments, industry bodies etc.
  • members will be entitled to discuss possible changes of policy or practice without implying the approval of their companies, ministers, etc.
  • members will not send substitutes, but may ask another member to represent their interests
  • membership will be on a two-yearly rotating cycle to ensure continuity, with some members of the inaugural Board stepping down, if they wish, after serving one year. New members will be appointed by the Chair in consultation with the Co-Chair
  • the Board will not commission further work, but may make recommendations about how to take forward such work, using workgroups, facilitators, consultants, etc. Where such recommendations are made, we will seek to ensure the work is carried out through partner organisations in a manner which meets both their objectives and those of the Board
  • the Board will give strategic direction to the work of the three Energy Themed groups and support them as necessary
  • the Board will agree its press releases and communication materials


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