Scottish Crime Recording Board minutes: July 2021

Minutes from the meeting of the SCRB on 27 July 2021.

Attendees and apologies


  • David Smith (Chair), Scottish Government: Justice ASD
  • Susan Carsley, Scottish Government: Justice ASD
  • Jamie Macfarlane, Scottish Government: Justice ASD
  • Graeme Lloyd, Scottish Government: Justice ASD
  • Mark Bell, Scottish Government: Justice ASD
  • Laura McLuckie, Police Scotland: Specialist Crime Division
  • Bob Kennedy, Police Scotland: National Crime Registrar
  • Lorraine Ramsay, Police Scotland: Crime Registrar
  • Colin Bain, Police Scotland: Crime Registrar
  • Lynne White, Police Scotland: Crime Registrar
  • Derek Johnstone, Police Scotland: Crime Registrar
  • Alison Shepherd, Police Scotland: Analysis and Performance Unit
  • Eamon McElroy, Police Scotland: Demand and Productivity Unit
  • Julie Mann, British Transport Police
  • Alisdair Burnie, British Transport Police
  • Fiona Roberts, COPFS
  • Dawn Lewington, HMICS
  • Martin Smith, Scottish Police Authority
  • Kevin Esworthy, Ministry of Defence Police


  • Jacqueline Campbell, Police Scotland: Governance, Audit and Assurance
  • Tina MacLucas, Police Scotland: Analysis and Performance Unit
  • Mark Hollinsworth, Police Scotland: Analysis and Performance Unit
  • Neil McDougall, Police Scotland: Demand and Productivity Unit
  • Gillian Cherry, Police Scotland: Demand and Productivity Unit
  • Claire McGarry, Scottish Police Authority

Items and actions


  • introductions
  • apologies
  • actions from previous meeting
  • HMICS update on Crime Audit 2020
  • Police Scotland update on Internal Audits
  • Police Scotland response to HMICS audit 
  • regular update on roll out of new crime recording system
  • update on recording practice for children in care pilot
  • SCRS amendments for 2022/23
  • recorded crime user strategy - progress update
  • any other Business
  • date of next meeting: January 2022

Actions arising from meeting 16:

HMICS Crime Audit 2020 – reflections

Members and Technical Working Group to reflect on findings of Crime Audit 2020, and to consider whether any part of the SCRS would benefit from a review by the Crime Board, with the aim of helping ensure recording compliance. 

Outcome: Action complete. At this stage no specific topics within the SCRS were identified, with Board agreeing to keep this area under review in line with future audits or feedback from Technical group.

HMICS Crime Audit 2020 – Police Scotland improvement plan

Police Scotland to share a copy of the improvement plan which has been devised in response to the HMICS Crime Audit 2020, once the plan has been signed off.

Outcome: Action complete.

Police Scotland Audit 2021

Police Scotland to update Crime Board on findings from their annual audit at the next meeting. 

Outcome: Action complete.

Protection of Workers (Retail and Age-restricted Goods and Services) (Scotland) Act 2021

Crime Board to review and approve changes to SCRS for the new offences following Royal Assent of Protection of Workers (Scotland) Act 2021. Justice Analytical Services to inform users of this forthcoming change within the next National Statistics. 

Outcome: Action complete.

Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 - breach of banning order

Justice Analytical Services to add a note to the National Statistics regarding the removal of these incidents from the statistics as these are not classified as crimes, and remove the relevant code.

Outcome: The relevant crime code has been removed from the statistics. Users will be informed in the next annual publication.

Recorded crime strategy and consultation

Sub-group to consider crime grouping proposal and wider consultation document, prior to JAS circulating final version for Board feedback/approval before running in Autumn. Members to consider how they’d like their organisations to take part in the consultation.

Outcome: Action complete. Consultation concluded and a summary of responses and next steps to be published in late March.

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