Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2018/19: main findings

Main findings from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2018/2019.

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An updated version of the 2018/19 SCJS Main Findings Report, which supersedes the original, was published in October 2020.

The latest version updates small inaccuracies in Chapter 8 (PDF pages 131 and 134).

The original report stated that ‘In 2018/19, 13% of adults said that they had been insulted, pestered or intimidated in the previous year, in line with the proportion of respondents who experienced such incidents in 2008/09 and 2017/18. Younger adults were more likely to have experienced harassment than older adults (27% of 16-24 year olds compared to 15% of 25-44 year olds, 12% of 45-59 year olds and 6% of people aged 60 and over)’.

13% should have been 12%, 27% should have been 26% and 15% should have been 14%.

The findings on comparisons over time and variations between age groups are not impacted. Also, these changes do not affect any other results in the report.

A second errata was published on 12th March 2021 as a result of some minor corrections made to the report:

  • in Chapter 3 (PDF page 43), the difference stated in the proportion of violent crimes taking place during the week and at the weekend was found to not be significant. The figures remain unchanged
  • in Chapter 4 (PDF page 50), a reference to 2017/18 has been corrected to refer to 2018/19 (the SCJS estimates that there were between 365,000 and 451,000 incidents of property crime in Scotland in 2018/19)
  • in Chapter 4 (PDF page 62), the proportion of victims who said that ‘nothing should have happened’ to the perpetrator of violent crimes was 30%, rather than 31% as originally published
  • in Chapter 5 (PDF page 68), the proportion of comparable violent crimes estimated to have been reported to the police in 2018/19 was 40%, rather than 39% as originally published

The PDF and HTML have been updated to reflect these updates.



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