Scottish Crime and Justice Survey: get involved and keep up to date

How to get involved and keep up to date on the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (SCJS).

Get Involved


ScotStat is a network for users and providers of Scottish Official statistics. It aims to improve communication amongst those interested in particular statistics and facilitate the setting up of working groups on specific statistical issues. For example, the SCJS Project Team provide updates about on-going questionnaire development work via ScotStat.

If you are keen to find out more about work relating to the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey or any other facet of the work of the Scottish Government Statistics Group, you can register with ScotStat to receive updates. More information on ScotStat can be found on the ScotStat homepage.

SCJS User Group

The SCJS Project Team have also established a user group to ensure that user engagement is an on-going part of the survey. Members are drawn from government, academia, the justice system and third sector. The user group is an essential way to ensure that the survey remains relevant and able to respond to changing needs. If you would like to become involved in the user group, please contact us via the details at the bottom of this page.

The only information stored is your name, contact details (email address) and organisation where applicable – and this is only used for the purposes of keeping you updated on developments with the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey and related matters. Membership of the user group is entirely voluntary and by signing up you are consenting to receiving updates on the SCJS.

If you wish to sign-up now but opt-out later, you can ensure your details are deleted from the contact list by getting in touch at any time by contacting us via the details below. 

Users of the survey

We are always interested in hearing about how the survey is being used. It is important that we understand how the survey is currently being used to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our users.

If you are using the SCJS, we would be very grateful if you could get in touch via the contact details below to let us know:

  • Which SCJS publication do you use?
  • What do you currently use the SCJS for? (e.g. research, monitoring trends and/or policy research and development)
  • Why is the information in the SCJS useful?
  • How do you access the data? (e.g. through the reports, using the tables, the data archive)
  • Are there any aspects of the SCJS that you think could be improved?

We value your feedback and want to make sure that this important resource is reaching its full potential.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Questionnaire Development

​The Scottish Crime and Justice Survey questionnaire content is developed and updated as evidence needs emerge and evolve. This helps to ensure the survey provides impactful data on a number of topics for a wide-range of stakeholders. 

We are currenlty transitioning and updating our questionnaire development information. In the meantime, the information can still be found on our old website.



To provide any feedback on the SCJS, or to request further information, please use the following contact details:

SCJS Project Team
Area 2G North
Victoria Quay


Telephone: 0131 244 3012

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