Scottish Commission on Social Security minutes: 29 April 2019

Minutes from the meeting of the SCoSS, on 29 April 2019.



Attendees and apologies


  • Dr Sally Witcher (Chair)
  • Sharon McIntyre
  • Judith Paterson
  • Dr Mark Simpson


  • None

In attendance:

  • Fiona Lodge, SCoSS Deputy Secretary (minutes)
  • Peter Hodul, SCoSS Acting Secretariat Support Officer
  • Jane McAteer, SCoSS Incoming Acting Lead Secretary
  • Stephen O’Neill, SCoSS Acting Lead Secretary

Items and actions

1.    Welcome and apologies

Declarations of interest - none.

Members noted that the Carer’s Assistance (Young Carer Grants) (Scotland) Regulations 2019 were formally issued by the Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Older People. The Acting Secretariat would issue correspondence to members confirming this.

2.     Revised scrutiny framework

The group discussed the revised scrutiny framework and considered that some streamlining would be appropriate. Members highlighted that producing documents in EasyRead would aid understanding and align to inclusive communication principles.

The group considered that the scrutiny framework was at an appropriate stage to be made public.

Action: Members to share any comments on the scrutiny framework with Sally Witcher by 3 May.

Action: Sally Witcher to incorporate members’ comments on the scrutiny framework and reissue to members.

3 and 4.    Young carer grant scrutiny report and scrutiny framework

Members discussed the revised young carer grant regulations and policy note.

Action: Mark Simpson to draft wording for Point 5.4 of the draft Scrutiny Report on YCG and provide additional contribution to the draft scrutiny framework, with regard to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, by 30 April.

Action: Acting Secretariat to prepare the updated Young Carer Grant scrutiny report and circulate to members by 3 May.

5.    Forthcoming meetings

The group discussed forthcoming meeting dates.

Secretariat noted that the SCoSS Twitter handle required updating.

Action: Acting Secretariat to add press/ communications to the next agenda.

Action: Acting Secretariat to add discussion points from Sally Witcher’s meeting with David Wallace to the next agenda.

Action: Acting Secretariat to offer suggestions to the members for alternative Twitter handles by 3 May.

6.    Any other business

No other business was raised.

Date of the next meeting: 11 June 2019.




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