Scottish Commission on Social Security minutes: 2 April 2019

Minutes from the meeting of the SCoSS, on 2 April 2019.

Attendees and apologies


  • Dr Sally Witcher (Chair)
  • Sharon McIntyre
  • Judith Paterson
  • Dr Mark Simpson


  • None

In attendance:

  • Fiona Lodge, SCoSS Incoming Deputy Secretary (observing)
  • Peter Hodul, SCoSS Secretariat Support Officer (minutes)
  • Jane McAteer, SCoSS Incoming Acting Lead Secretary (observing)
  • Claire McDermott, Scottish Government Disability Benefits Team Leader (for agenda item 6)
  • Stephen O’Neill, SCoSS Acting Lead Secretary

Items and actions

1.    Welcome and apologies

The Chair welcomed the members and highlighted the scrutiny framework and draft Young Carer Grant regulations as the key topics for discussion.

Declarations of interest - none.

Action: SCoSS members to meet by the end of April/early May to review the revised regulations.

2-5.     Draft young carer grant regulations and scrutiny framework

The members discussed the policy objectives of the draft Young Carer Grant regulations.

The members discussed the differences between the Scotland Act 2016 and the Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018 and considered that a briefing would be beneficial.

Action: Acting Secretariat to prepare a briefing on the Scotland Act 2016 and extent of devolved competencies.

The members discussed eligibility and payment levels and considered that it would be useful to contact Independent Living Fund Scotland to discuss the transition fund to gauge outcomes and impact.

Action: Judith Paterson to check the legislative basis for draft regulations including the Young Carer Grant.

Action: Acting Secretariat to contact Peter Scott of Independent Living Fund Scotland for information on the transition fund.

The members considered the principles of the scrutiny framework.

Action: Acting Secretariat to issue the final draft regulations, submission, explanatory notes and timelines once received from Scottish Government officials.

6.    Consultation on disability assistance

Claire McDermott gave a presentation to the members on the Disability Assistance consultation. Claire highlighted the range of groups that Scottish Government aims to engage with. The members expressed a desire to increase awareness of SCoSS.

Action: Claire McDermott to identify consultation events that SCoSS could attend.

7.    Minutes of the previous meeting

Members discussed the format and contents of the minutes.

The members also considered that it would be useful to have a standard briefing on their role and remit which would assist meetings with policy officials.

Action: Acting Secretariat to prepare a briefing on SCoSS for SG officials.

8.    Secretariat update

Stephen O’Neill updated the members on the staffing, IT and website for SCoSS. He also shared a work plan with members and will email a weekly update with a media digest.

Members agreed the date of the next meeting.

Action: Standard agenda points to include register of interests, conflicts of interest and code of conduct.

Action: Acting Secretariat to update the risk register and circulate to members for their input.  

Action: Acting Secretariat to circulate the draft code of conduct to members including the comments from the Public Bodies Unit.

Action: Acting Secretariat to create and update a central action points document which includes decision points.

9.    Any other business

No other business was raised.

Date of the next meeting: Monday 29 April 2019.




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