Scotland's Green Investment Portfolio: call for projects

Official call for projects to feature in the Scottish Government's first Green Investment Portfolio.

Call for projects Scotland – net zero 2045 - Be A Part Of Scotland's £3 Billion Green Investment Portfolio

Be a part of Scotland’s green investment portfolio

The Scottish Government is leading a drive to develop a Green Investment Portfolio to select and promote market ready, investor-grade green projects that are seeking private capital.

Supported by partners including Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Futures Trust, UK Department for International Trade, Scottish Renewables and the Scottish Property Federation, we will showcase a diverse range of private and public sector-led projects drawn from the sectors that contribute to the Scottish Government’s ambitious climate change target of net zero emissions by 2045.

Attracting capital flows into green projects is increasingly important to the Scottish Government and the wider public sector operating in Scotland. With around £300 trillion of global capital flows, we know that the market for green finance is burgeoning. Scotland’s natural assets and reputation for innovation make it a highly attractive place for that investment.

There are mutual benefits to be gained from green projects and developments including generating higher cash flows and reducing systemic risk for investors.We need to leverage the power of public and private sector investment, target investment in the right projects and use these to sustain quality jobs in Scotland.


As of June 2019, Scotland has 11.6 GW renewable energy and 13 GW pipeline. The world’s first floating windfarm - Hywind Scotland, and the world’s first large scale tidal array - MeyGen, are both located in Scottish waters. There are tens of billions worth of future opportunities and Scottish industry’s ambitions have government support.

How will your project benefit?

If your project meets the criteria to feature in the Green Investment Portfolio, you will benefit from:

  • free international marketing via Scottish Development International’s overseas field offices
  • profiling at key events to potential investors by public sector partners including on ministerial visits and through Scottish DeveIopment International’s network
  • advice and support on developing your project and sourcing investment
  • advice from a panel of experts on your project’s alignment with EU Sustainable Finance criteria
  • potential access to capital through the Scottish National Investment Bank
  • potential also to be featured in the UK Department for International Trade’s investment portfolios and marketed internationally.

The EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy is a tool to help investors understand whether an economic activity is environmentally sustainable. It is a common language between investors, issuers and policymakers that can build confidence that investments are meeting robust environmental standards and are consistent with high-level policy commitments such as the Paris Agreement. Projects in the portfolio will be screened to ensure they align with the EU’s taxonomy.

SDI’s network of overseas field offices

SDI's network of overseas field offices


Projects that will feature in this portfolio will cover a range of sectors such as:


Wind farms, solar parks, battery storage, heat and distribution

Built Environment

Retrofit and new build energy efficient construction


Decarbonisation, shifting modes


Peatland restoration and woodland creation


Climate resilient industry

Circular economy

Material repurposing

Green investment

We are looking to hear from you if your project is seeking large scale private investment and is an:

1. Activity that demonstrates a net carbon reduction.

2. Activity that supports decarbonisation of Scotland.

3. Activity that demonstrates a clear link with Scotland’s climate change or environmental policy.

Scotland’s Green investment policy

Scotland is at the forefront of the global response to the Paris Agreement. We will always strive for the most ambitious climate change targets. Scotland’s climate Bill sets a net-zero target for 2045 and a world leading target of 75% reductions by 2030. By being at the forefront of a move to a net zero emissions economy, Scotland can capitalise on the emerging markets for low carbon skills, solutions and technologies. We recognise a transition that creates jobs through new sustainable industries is good for communities and mitigates any negative social impacts from decarbonisation.

Scotland’s commitment to a net-zero economy, coupled with the launch of the Scottish National Investment Bank, provides a great opportunity for your projects to be supported. If your project aligns with the Bank’s criteria, it may be available to provide long-term patient capital for business and major infrastructure projects as debt or equity with a provision to offer guarantees. One of its missions will be to support the transition to a net zero economy.

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