Future skills action plan: Fairer Scotland assessment

Results of the Fairer Scotland assessment process that was carried out into the launch of phase one of Scotland's future skills action plan.

Fairer Scotland Duty: Assessment Not Required Declaration

Policy title: Future Skills Action Plan

Directorate: Division: team: Fair Work, Employability and Skills: Skills Division: Future Skills Team

Policy lead responsible for taking the decision: Jack Taylor

Rationale for decision

Phase one of the Future Skills Action Plan is a high level strategic document which endorses the recommendations for government made by the Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board in 2018. The plan will focus on the need for the current skills system to transition towards a different blend and balance of support for those in work and entering the labour market alike. It recognises the essential role skills will play in tackling the structural changes facing Scotland's economy and society in general.

Although the plan is a strategic document, Phase one is very high level and does not set out new actions which can be readily assessed under the Duty. Phase two, which will commence after publication of the high level plan, will see us work with stakeholders to develop the key actions to support achievement of our ambition for a Scottish skills system which reflects labour market demand in Scotland both now and in the future.

We know that increasing skills can support individuals to move into better paid jobs, so we do believe that the Fairer Scotland Duty should be applied to the new actions we develop in Phase two. We are therefore committed to a Fairer Scotland Impact Assessment for new policy proposals or actions developed in Phase two.

Actions will be developed across at least 3 of the key themes for the plan which include:

  • System agility and flexibility and employer responsiveness;
  • More opportunities to upskill and retrain;
  • Ensuring financial sustainability of the system.

The 4th theme, acceleration of implementing the Learner Journey Recommendations, is work that is already underway.

I confirm that the decision to not carry out a Fairer Scotland assessment has been authorised by:

Name and job title of Deputy Director (or equivalent): Oonagh Gil

Date authorisation given: 15th August 19


Email: kenneth.macdermid@gov.scot

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