Scotland's careers strategy - moving forward: strategic environmental assessment

Strategic environmental assessment for the careers strategy for Scotland.

Pre-screening Notification

Sea Pre-screening Document

Responsible Authority:

Scottish Government

Title of the plan:

Scotland’s Career’s Strategy: Moving Forward

What prompted the plan:
(e.g. a legislative, regulatory or administrative provision)

Career Information, Advice and Guidance in Scotland - A Framework for Service Redesign and Improvement” was published in March 2011 to drive the redesign and improvement of career services delivered by Skills Development Scotland (SDS).
Since publication, the careers service has moved on significantly, with a number of cross policy commitments have been made by Scottish Ministers through the Developing Young (DYW) Workforce strategy, which recommends introducing careers advice earlier in schools, and also commitments made in the Learner Journey Review. The careers landscape has modernised and evolved significantly over recent years and a strategy to encompass these developments is required. There is also an increasing need, as a result of changes in the labour market and economy, to bring a greater focus on adult provision and services.

Plan subject:
(e.g. transport)

Employability – Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

Brief summary of the plan:
(including the area or location to which the plan related)

The 2019/20 Programme for Government commits to deliver a new careers strategy to set the vision for coherent, high quality career information, advice and guidance services which are accessible to all.
The new careers strategy will focus on equity of access and quality of service across the careers sector, in particular adult services in response to the possible implications on employment levels and labour market fluctuation as a result of Brexit.
A steering group with representation from across the sector has been established to develop the strategy collaboratively.

Brief summary of the likely environmental consequences:
(including whether it has been determined that the plan is likely to have no or minimum effects, either directly or indirectly)

We foresee no likely environmental impact – pre-screening being conducted on grounds of self-exemption.
The plan will not effect
biodiversity; human health; fauna; flora; soil; water; air; climatic factors; material assets; cultural heritage, or landscape.
The plan will effect a large population, however, again, it does not have environmental consequences.

Contact details:

Gillian Lacey ext. 45507

Date of opinion:


When completed send to: or to SEA Gateway, Scottish Government, Area 2H (South), Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ



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