Saltire Prize Challenge Committee

Role of the Committee and member profiles.

Role of the group

Saltire Prize Challenge Committee oversaw the Saltire Prize that was created in 2008 to accelerate the commercial development of wave and tidal energy technology. 

The prize helped draw international attention to the potential of marine energy, sparked the interest of technology developers around the globe, and put Scotland and its marine expertise on the map. 

The industry has progressed considerably since the prize was established, and the new Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund refocuses funding previously available through the Saltire Prize. It will drive innovation and incentivise investment in the Scottish tidal energy sector, supporting a pathway to cost reduction and commercialisation.

The Committee have been consulted in the creation of the Challenge Fund and we will now give further consideration to the future role of the Committee through discussion with its members.


  • Terry D. Garcia (Chair)
  • Neil Kermode (Deputy Chair)
  • Nicholas Moore Eisenberger
  • Professor Paul Jowitt
  • Dr Bernie Bulkin
  • Jaison Morgan
  • Andrew Buglass

The document below provides biographies of the Committee members.  

Saltire Prize Challenge Committee: member profiles
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