Safer Pre & Post Employment Checks in NHSScotland PIN Policy - EQIA

Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) results summary of Safer Pre & Post Employment Checks in NHSScotland PIN Policy

Equality Impact Assessment - Results

Title of Policy

Pre & Post Employment Checks in NHSScotland Partnership Information Network (PIN) policy.

Summary of aims and desired outcomes of Policy

This policy sets a minimum standard for the undertaking of checking procedures, where required by law or otherwise considered mandatory both prior to, and following, appointment to undertake paid work or other forms of unpaid placement within NHSScotland Boards. It will affect all individuals seeking employment or unpaid work and placements in NHSScotland Boards irrespective of background or source. It is designed to promote fairness and consistency of treatment across NHSScotland in compliance with Boards' obligations under the NHSScotland Staff Governance Standard.

Directorate: Division: team

Directorate for Health Workforce and Performance, Staff Governance and Employee Experience Division, Employee Experience Team.

Executive summary

This policy represents the outcome of an exercise to revise the existing Partnership Information Network, (PIN), policy which was published in 2007. The policy is updated to reference new legislation that impacts on pre & post employment checks adopting a more comprehensive and integrated approach to achieve consistency across NHSScotland Boards.


PIN policies are high-level documents setting minimum standards which NHSScotland Boards are expected to meet or exceed in their local policies. This specific PIN policy is intended to ensure Boards as employers adhere to the undertaking of checking procedures for all individuals both prior to and following appointment to paid or unpaid work.

The Scope of the EQIA

This policy applies to all those who work within or apply to work within NHSScotland.

Key Findings

There are no negative effects on the protected characteristics of the NHSScotland workforce. The policy is drafted to reflect the findings from the partnership consultation across Scottish Government departments and NHSScotland Boards to ensure an appropriate and consistent approach to pre & post employment checks for all staff and others either working or placed in NHSScotland Boards.

Recommendations and Conclusion

Implementation of this PIN policy will assist compliance with current legislative requirements and national policies.


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