Supported employment: review report - easy read

Easy read version of an independent review of supported employment in Scotland commissioned by Scottish Government.


The Scottish Government asked Social Finance to do an evaluation of supported employment in Scotland.

Supported employment is personalised support for disabled people or other disadvantaged groups. It helps them get and keep paid employment.

People learn while doing the job. They get support from work colleagues. This is helped by a job coach or employment support worker. They support the person and employer. The job coach finds jobs and gives training in the workplace.

The research was done to give an independent review of supported employment in Scotland. We spoke to a range of services, staff and people who have experience of supported employment.

The evaluation asked:

  • Where is supported employment being used?
  • What type of service is being given by councils? Who is this for? What are the results?
  • What are some of the reasons for gaps in the service and what can be done?
  • How can services offer the same to everyone? How can services be used better?

The research was done in 2021. The research and findings were given to a project steering group.

None of the information in this report can be traced to any councils or individuals.



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