Review of the Climate Challenge Fund

This report reviews the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF), a Scottish Government scheme that supports communities to take action to address climate change.


The list below describes all acronyms used in this document

CARES Community and Renewable Energy Scheme

CASP Community Action Support Programme

CCF Climate Challenge Fund

CCF3 Climate Challenge Fund (3rd phase)

CEMVO Council for Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations

CO2 Carbon Dioxide

DECC Department for Energy and Climate Change

DO Development Officer

EST Energy Saving Trust

GPS Global Positioning System

HES Home Energy Scotland

JCCF Junior Climate Challenge Fund

KSB Keep Scotland Beautiful

LCITP Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme

RAG Research Advisory Group

SCVO Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

SCCAN Scottish Communities Climate Action Network


Email: Debbie Sagar

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