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List of renewables core documents for use in planning and environmental appeals.

Renewables cases and Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA)

The Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) considers and makes decisions and recommendations on a range of planning and environmental matters on behalf of Scottish Ministers. As part of this, DPEA deals with cases relating to renewable energy such as wind farm appeals and S36/37 Electricity Act 1989 cases. The S36/37 case types are often passed to DPEA to conduct an examination of evidence via a public local inquiry.

Read further information on what DPEA does, including details on how to participate in a renewable energy case.

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View documents relating to other types of planning and environmental appeals in the planning core documents library.

About the renewables library

The public local inquiry will examine numerous documents submitted as part of the case, referred to as core documents. The renewables library contains a range of documents that are commonly referred to as core documents in the course of renewable energy cases.  It is intended that applicants, councils or other parties participating in a renewable energy case will be able to use this library to access the documents that they may present as evidence to the DPEA at the inquiry.

Using the library means there would be no need to submit a separate digital copy of the document.

View the documents held in the renewables library, including a full indexed list of the documentation it contains.

Note - To keep this library up to date, we need your assistance in notifying us at of any required updates or replacements to the documents stored in the library.

Arrangements for submitting the core documents list will be confirmed by DPEA to those parties intending to participate in the case, either at the pre-examination meeting or via written correspondence.


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View those cases currently with DPEA.

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