Remote Electronic Monitoring (REM): equality impact assessment not required - draft

This draft equality impact assessment (EQIA) considers potential effects of the Remote Electronic Monitoring (REM) Scottish Statutory Instrument (SSI) and how it impacts on people with one or more protected characteristic.

Remote Electronic Monitoring (REM) : Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) Not Required Declaration

Policy title: Remote Electronic Monitoring (REM)

Which National Outcome(s) does the policy contribute to?

Environment - We value, enjoy, protect and enhance our environment

Directorate Division: Marine Economy and Communities – Marine Directorate

Policy lead responsible for taking the decision: Jane Macpherson

Please record why you are not carrying out an EQIA and what your justification is for making that decision.

Based on a series of scoping exercises it has been deemed that the REM SSI will not have any direct or indirect effects on the key protected equality characteristics:

  • age
  • disability
  • sex
  • gender reassignment
  • sexual orientation
  • race
  • religion or belief
  • pregnancy and maternity

REM policy sits within the context of Scotland’s Fisheries Management Strategy, which was published in December 2020. The Strategy was subject to a full EQIA, which is published here: Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) record (

Specifically in relation to REM, the fishing industry itself consists of a largely middle-age and male dominated workforce. The REM legislation will not directly address these characteristics as an objective. This policy is designed to provide assurance that fishers are complying with existing fishing legislation, for example spatial restrictions in place through the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) network, and the discards ban under the landing obligation. The policy in itself will not affect fishers who are following existing legislation, only those who demonstrate breaches of the law. It therefore will not benefit or disadvantage any one demographic, protected or otherwise, over another.

None of the measures in the policy will impact on the key characteristics listed above.

Through our stakeholder engagement processes continue to ensure that all interested parties have a voice and a means of communication. Should any accessibility requirements be needed, we will ensure we do the utmost to support these needs. It should be noted that no such concerns were raised as part of the consultation process carried out for this SSI.

I confirm that the decision to not carry out an EQIA has been authorised by:

Name and job title of Deputy Director (or equivalent): Malcolm Pentland, Deputy Director – Marine Economy and Communities Portfolio

Date authorisation given: 1 March 2024



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