Public sector climate change duties: annual reports template 2020

A template for public bodies to use to submit a one-year report on their climate change duties.

Submission of Public Bodies Climate Change Duties annual reports 2020

Due to technical changes our ProcXed platform is not available this year and in order to minimise data handling we will accept annual reports in one of the following formats. Public bodies can choose to submit an updated version of last year’s report. A copy of your body’s report can be downloaded from the Sustainable Scotland Network website. Alternatively, public bodies can submit a one-year report using the spreadsheet which is available for download on the Scottish Government’s Public Sector Climate Change webpage. Public bodies may also choose to submit a report that meets the requirements of 2015 Reporting Duties but which may not be in a standard format. Completed reports should be sent to this email address ( by the 30 November deadline. Queries relating to the reports should also be sent to this email address.

Public sector climate change duties annual reports template 2020
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