Public body boards succession planning: toolkit

Toolkit of information and examples of good practice to help public bodies with developing their board succession plans.

It is up to each public body to decide which elements of the toolkit (if any) are most likely to be of assistance to them at different points of time, and to determine what is likely to work best for them in relation to succession planning.

There is no requirement for public bodies to use any element of the toolkit.


Succession plan checklist.docx

Template terms of reference for a succession planning committee.docx

Succession planning - suggested further reading.pdf

Details of support organisations for board outreach activity

Case study

Case study - Highlands and Islands Enterprise shadow board member opportunity.pdf

Examples of skills matrices

National Galleries of Scotland Trustee - skills matrix.pdf

Scottish Children's Reporter Administration Board - skills matrix.pdf

If you have any materials your board has developed that you would be willing to share with others, or if you're looking for further guidance, contact us at the email address below.

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