Public appointment: Member appointed to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission Board

Public appointments news release

The Minister for Community Safety today announced the appointment of Anne Gibson as a Member of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission Board.


Anne Gibson has a professional background in education and community learning and development and has worked in leadership roles across the public, private and third sectors. As a Her Majesty’s Inspector of Education, Anne had a lead role for inclusion and developing the young workforce nationally. Anne has contributed to several ministerial working groups and led the national government initiative to develop schools and youth work partnerships. Anne is a member of the General Teaching Council’s Education Panel and is a lay member on the Joint Standing Committee for Legal Education in Scotland. She is a non-executive director on the Board of NHS 24. Anne is currently employed on a part-time basis as Head of Practise for child contact centres with Relationships Scotland. Anne’s skills and experience lie in organisational development and continuous improvement, quality assurance, building leadership and management capacity, professional learning and development, stakeholder engagement and developing partnerships.


This appointment will be for five years and will run from 01 January 2023 to 31 December 2027.

This appointment is regulated by the Ethical Standards Commissioner.


This appointment is part-time and attracts a remuneration of £219.92 for a time commitment of two days per month.

Other ministerial appointments

Anne Gibson is a Non-Executive Director of the NHS 24 Board for which she receives remuneration of £8900 per year, for a time commitment of one day per week.

Political activity

All appointments are made on merit and political activity plays no part in the selection process.  However, in accordance with the original Nolan recommendations, there is a requirement for appointees’ political activity within the last five years (if there is any to be declared) to be made public.   

Anne Gibson has had no political activity within the last five years.


The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC) is an independent statutory body providing a single point of contact for all complaints against legal practitioners operating in Scotland. The SLCC investigate and resolve complaints about inadequate professional services; refer conduct complaints to the relevant professional body and have oversight of complaint handling across the profession.

The SLCC operates independently of the legal profession and government and aims to resolve complaints early, efficiently and effectively and to improve complaints handling across the profession. Through this work we aim to improve trust and confidence in Scottish legal services.

There is a strong focus on early resolution, resolving cases without using formal investigative or determination powers. A significant majority of cases are resolved after conciliation work by the SLCC lets the parties resolve the matter consensually, or through mediation.

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