Private Rented Sector Stakeholder Engagement Group minutes: April 2023

Minutes from the meeting of the Private Rented Sector Stakeholder Engagement Group on 27 April, 2023.

Attendees and apologies

  • Ashley Campbell (CIH)
  • Caroline Elgar (SAL)
  • David Fraser (Scottish Property Federation)
  • David Hilferty (CAS) Emma Saunders (Living Rent)
  • Gordon Maloney (Living Rent)
  • Rhiannon Sims (Crisis Scotland)
  • Ronnell Reffell (UK Finance)
  • Sarah-Jane Laing (SLE)
  • Tim Thomas (PropertyMark)
  • Scottish Government officials

Items and actions


The Chair welcomed attendees to the second meeting of the Stakeholder Engagement Group.

Main discussion points

Minutes from the previous meeting were issued prior to this meeting and agreed.  At the moment there is nothing new to report in terms of the Housing Affordability Group, an invitation has been extended to Ken Gibb to provide an update for the next meeting.

Proposed data and investment subgroups

The group were asked for their views in creating two separate sub groups.


  • the group had no strong views on this but would prefer the Data discussions to be kept to this group
  • the group agreed these topics need to be discussed, and reflected on the importance of having evidence on rents and rent rises within tenancies which is not readily available at the moment
  • CAS advised that a research team has been set up and could assist but asked that Scottish Government give as much notice as possible to any work requested
  • it was agreed a deep dive session would take place to look at data issues, data collection, the role of data in the work that we are delivering
  • the group also agreed that an investment sub group was not required and consideration of this should be kept part of this group’s ongoing discussions. SPF offered to provide evidence from investors from an internal group


  • discussion was based around investment confidence and how that has impacted on supply
  • some members expressed concerns that in their view Build to Rent has been affected compared to other areas of the UK with major projects having been cancelled due to the impact of legislation
  • members also expressed concern that landlords will not be able to afford to invest in existing homes to maintain property and the new energy standards if they don’t have sufficient money coming in
  • it was agreed that this discussion also needs to be evidence based looking at the potential impacts on supply and quality
  • officials confirmed that Scottish Ministers are clear they want the housing sector to be thriving and investment is a big part of that
  • the Group were given an update on the broader stakeholder engagement which is currently being undertaken. These included some useful discussions with local authorities, initial discussions with the First-tier Tribunal Housing and Property Chamber, and with individual stakeholders as well as with internal colleagues across teams and departments
  • the issue of Local Housing Allowance (LHA) was raised and how these have not kept pace with the market so a suggestion that having access to better data could lead to better LHAs. SG confirmed that we continue to understand the potential impact on emerging proposals around rent controls 
  • the group were keen to see proposals into rent control which they could feed in to and to know what is being considered and what has been ruled out. It was agreed Scottish Government officials will consider ahead of the next meeting what further detail can be brought forward, against a complex and multifaceted workstream

Any other business

Members suggested other areas for consideration which included:

  • discussion of potential the wider economic benefits of rent control
  • discussion of PBSA
  • an update on Short Term Lets

The group were asked to get in touch if they would like an individual meeting

Officials confirmed work is still ongoing for appointing an independent Chair.

The next meeting is 8 June 2023.


  • update regarding Affordability to be included at the next meeting
  • Scottish Government officials to consider what further detail on rent control proposals can be shared with the group
  • Scottish Government officials to arrange deep dive for data discussion
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