Acute Oncology Service (AOS) in NHS Scotland: principles

Lays out the agreed key principles that underpin an effective Acute Oncology Service (AOS) in NHS Scotland and outlines the clinical standards and proposed outcome measures against which services can be developed and monitored.

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Title: Principles of an Acute Oncology Service (AOS) in NHS Scotland
Date: 22 November 2022
Version: 1.3
Owner: National AOS Short Life Working Group (S Teahan, Chair)


Version Date Author(s) Comments
0.1 03 Nov 2021 T Cole Initial Draft developed (from GM Acute Oncology Service Recommendations)
0.2 08 Nov 2021 T Cole Additional information added and updates to order/formatting.
0.3 21 Dec 2021 T Cole Update following SLWG input.
0.4 31 Dec 2021 T Cole Minor update – questions for SLWG
0.5 20 Jan 2022 T Cole Update following SLWG Discussion (10/01/22)
0.6 03 Feb 2022 T Cole Update to final draft following review
0.7 22 Feb 2022 K Connor/T Cole Update following SLWG discussion (14/02/22)
1.0 07 Mar 2022 T Cole Final document prepared for submission to NCRG
1.1 18 Mar 2022 T Cole Minor Update following NCRG review
1.2 12 May 2022 T Cole SLWG minor change.
1.3 22 Nov 2022 T Cole Updated for accessibility purposes, inclusion of Appendices 4 and 5.

Document Approval

Name Role Date
National Acute Oncology Service Short Life Working Group Development of Key Principles of the AOS 12/05/2022
Scottish Cancer Oversight Committee (NCRG) Advisory/approval/agreement 18/03/2022


This document has been written by the National Acute Oncology Service Short Life Working Group (see Appendix 1) for consideration of Scottish Government to set out agreed principles for Acute Oncology Services in Scotland.


Grateful thanks are extended to the Greater Manchester, Eastern Mid-Cheshire Acute Oncology Board for permission to utilise their guidance “Acute Oncology Service Recommendations” to inform development of this document.



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