Police Service of Scotland Regulations 2013: determinations

These determinations set out the pay and conditions of service of all regular constables of the Police Service of Scotland.

The following determinations come under the The Police Service of Scotland Regulations 2013.

Police recruitment: eyesight standards: annex 1

Appointment of senior officers: annex 2

Retirement: annex 4

Hours of duty: annex 5

Pay: annex 6

Overtime: annex 7

Public holidays and rest days: annex 8

Temporary salary: annex 9

Temporary promotion: annex 10

Annual leave: annex 12

Sick leave: annex 13

Sick pay: annex 14

Leave, pay and reckoning of service: annex 16

Time off for dependents: annex 17

Allowances: annex 18

Expenses: annex 19

Career breaks: annex 20

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