Planning decision: Whithorn Priory

Planning proposal relating to the Whithorn Priory application (ref. SMC-DAG-001). This case is now closed.

Status of case: closed
Action: cleared back to planning authority for their own determination
Action date: 08/06/2016

Scottish Government case reference number: SMC-DAG-001
Planning authority: Historic Environment Scotland
Planning authority case reference number: AMH/12992/1/1

Scottish Ministers may intervene in determining a planning proposal, whether an application or an appeal, where it is felt there is a national interest in doing so. We make all correspondence between ourselves, planning authorities and Historic Environment Scotland relating to each case's progress available to the public.


A decision by ministers is final. However, you may seek an appeal to the Court of Session within 6 weeks of the final decision. The Court of Session cannot change a decision, but it can force Ministers to reconsider one.

The attached documents relate to a planning permission application for the construction of a replica iron age roundhouse at Whithorn Priory, monastic settlement and priory:

  • letter commencing consideration period
  • clearance letter
  • Planning and Architecture assessment report

More information

Planning Circular 3 2009: Notification of Planning Applications provides context to the above proposal.

planning and architecture assessment report.pdf
letter commencing consideration period.pdf
clearance letter.pdf



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