Planning decision: mixed use development on land at Blackdog, Aberdeen

Planning proposal relating to a mixed use development on land at Blackdog, Aberdeen. This case is closed.

Status of case: closed
Action: cleared back to the planning authority for their own determination
Action date: 22/08/2017

Scottish Government reference number: NA-ABS-045
Planning authority reference number: Aberdeenshire Council
Planning authority: F/APP/2016/0766

Scottish Ministers may intervene in determining a planning proposal, whether an application or an appeal, where it is felt there is a national interest in doing so. We make all correspondence between ourselves, planning authorities and Historic Environment Scotland relating to each case's progress available to the public.


A decision by ministers is final. However, you may seek an appeal to the Court of Session within 6 weeks of the final decision. The Court of Session cannot change a decision, but it can force Ministers to reconsider one.

The attached documents relate to planning application to a mixed use development comprising town centre including regional food hall, retail, leisure and Class 3 uses; business and industrial uses (Classes 4, 5 and 6);Alterations to access from A90 roundabout, local access, landscaping, car parking, cycle and pedestrian facilities and low carbon infrastructure at land to West and South West of rifle range, Blackdog, Aberdeen (ref. NA-ABS-045):

  • clearance letter
  • Planning and Architeture Division assessment report
  • letter further extending consideration period
  • letter extending consideration period
  • letter commencing consideration period

More information

Planning Circular 3 2009: Notification of Planning Applications provides context to the above proposal.

letter commencing consideration period.pdf
letter extending consideration period.pdf
letter further extending consideration period.pdf
Planning and Architecture Division assessment report.pdf
clearance letter.pdf



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