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Planning appeals: Submitting documents electronically

How to submit planning appeal documents electronically.

28 Apr 2016
Planning appeals: Submitting documents electronically

In addition to submitting appeals online via the eplanning website, appeals can also be submitted by e-mail or on disc or memory stick.

Electronic versions of appeal forms can be accessed via the Department of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA)part of the Scottish Government website and can be completed either electronically or by hand, then sent to DPEA along with all other supporting documents.

This guide provides information on how to submit your appeal and any supporting information using the DPEA electronic appeal forms in electronic format rather than hard copy. Submitting documents electronically helps to speed up the appeal process, allows information to be copied easily to others and makes it more cost effective and efficient for all parties involved.

What format should I use when submitting appeal documents?

If possible documents should be sent as PDFs as this is the format we use to publish to our web site. We can, however, accept any of the following file formats:

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • Excel
  • Word

If documents cannot be sent electronically then a paper copy must be provided.

Are there any size limits for electronic appeal documents?

Documents submitted electronically should be no larger than 10 MB. This is the maximum size of document that we will publish to our web site in order to ensure that they can be opened and viewed online in a reasonable timescale.

Please note that if you seek to rely only on a small section of a large document you only need to submit the relevant section. For example, in many instances it is more appropriate to send an extract of a development plan rather than the entire document.

How to name and index your appeal documents

Before submitting your documents please take the time to name them as clearly as possible. Also sending a document list or index is a great help; it helps our administration team easily identify documents and acts as a checklist to ensure that we have received everything required.

We are not able to accept links to documents that are held on other websites. This is because, as the decision maker, we must hold copies of all documents and evidence referred to by parties in our records management system and can not rely on a link to a separate web site. It is the responsibility of the parties involved to send us copies of the document(s) they want us to consider as part of the appeal. It is for these reasons we cannot accept links.

It is worth remembering though that it is not necessary to submit a large policy document if you are only referring to a small section of it, sending the appropriate extract is acceptable.

Can I submit further information electronically?

Following submission of the appeal, any further information that you submit on the appeal can be sent in the same way as above.


If you take part in the appeals process, use DPEA websites, contact the division or attend a webcast, the DPEA may collect certain information about you. To find out more about what information is collected, how the information is used and managed please read the DPEA's privacy notice


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