Planning and environmental appeals: quarterly performance statistics

Quarterly performance statistics for Planning and Environmental Appeals.

We aim to ensure that all of our work is dealt with as swiftly as possible. We have set targets for our appeals casework and expect 80% of appeals to meet the target.

Quarterly performance statistics for January to March 2023

Procedure Target (weeks) No. of appeals Performance against target Average time taken to determine (weeks)
No further procedure 8 1 100% 8.0
Site inspection 12 56 96% 10.7
Further written submissions 20 26 88% 18.9
Hearing 26 2 0% 18.9
Inquiry 32 0 n/a n/a

More information

'No further procedure' means the reporter has decided the appeal based on the initial grounds, and responses of those involved.

'Site inspection' means the reporter has decided the appeal based on the initial grounds, responses and an inspection of the site.

'Further written submissions' means the reporter has decided there is not enough information to decide on the appeal, and has asked one or more to contribute more.

'Hearing and 'inquiry' mean the reporter has decided that an oral process is required to resolve the appeal. Hearing's take the form of discussions led by the reporter, while inquiries are more formal sessions similar to cases in law courts.

Previous statistics

Performance information for our last financial year is available in our annual review.


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