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Planning Advice Note 51: planning, environmental protection and regulation

Published: 20 Oct 2006

Planning Advice Note (PAN) 51, (revised in 2006) supports the existing policy on the role of the planning system in relation to the environmental protection regimes.

66 page PDF

295.6 kB

66 page PDF

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Planning Advice Note 51: planning, environmental protection and regulation

66 page PDF

295.6 kB

ISBN 0 7559 6259 1
ISSN 0141 514X
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Planning and Environmental Protection
Sustainable Development
Environmental Pollution

Legislative Context
The European Dimension
Scottish Environmental Protection Legislation
The Control of Pollution Act 1974
The Environmental Protection Act 1990
The Radioactive Substances Act 1993
The Environment Act 1995
The Water Environment and Water Services Act (Scotland) 2003 ( WEWS)
The Water Environment (Controlled Activities)(Scotland) Regulations 2005 ( CAR)
Scottish Environment Protection Agency ( SEPA
SEPA's General Duties with Respect to Pollution Control
Related Legislation
The Habitats Regulations 1994
Marine Protection - Food and Environment Protection Act 1985
Control of Major Accident Hazard Regulations 1999

The Planning Framework
Development Planning
Structure Plans
Local Plans
Development Management
Respective Roles - Planning System and Environmental Protection
Regimes General Principles
Pre-application Discussions
Consultations Representations and Objections
Material Considerations
Use of Conditions
Strategic Environmental Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment
Local Air Quality Management
Noise and Nuisance
Hazardous Substances



Annex - Environmental Protection Regimes
Pollution Prevention and Control
Protection of the Water Environment (Controlled Activities)
Drinking Water Quality - public and private water supplies
Contaminated Land
Radioactive Substances
Statutory Nuisance including Noise and Odour
Air Quality
Environmental Noise

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