Places, people and planning: update on proposal 19

Update on actions relating to proposal 19: Making better use of resources - efficient decision making.

Proposal 19: Making better use of resources - efficient decision making

We will remove the need for planning consent from a wider range of developments.

Why we are making a change

Targeted changes to development management will help to ensure decisions are made more quickly and more transparently and free up planners time to deal with tasks where they can add most value.

What we are doing

  • Research - Extension of permitted development rights - We have considered a report by Heads of Planning Scotland and remain of the view that this has potential to improve the efficiency of the service. We have commissioned a sustainability appraisal to assist with prioritisation of development types.
  • We are taking forward a range of improvements to development management procedures as part of the Planning Bill.
  • Work undertaken by Heads of Planning Scotland on validation of applications, in collaboration with industry, has led to fuller guidance on this that can be used by all planning authorities, applicants and key agencies. In addition, we will strengthen planning advice to clarify the grounds upon which an application can be refused where the applicant has not provided the information required to reach a decision.
  • As recommended by the independent panel, we will commission research on aligning consents procedures. Work is ongoing to define the scope of this research and align it with the digital work programme.

How we will deliver change

  • Primary legislation – the Planning Bill includes provisions to improve a number of aspects of development management
  • Secondary legislation – existing development management regulations will be amended as necessary to reflect the changes made by the Bill. Changes to permitted development rights will be made by order
  • Guidance – yes
  • Non legislative action – yes

Next steps

  • Complete the sustainability appraisal on the permitted development priorities in spring 2018. Thereafter we will define and take forward a priorities programme of extended permitted development rights.



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