Places, people and planning: update on proposal 15

Update on actions relation to proposal 15: innovative infrastructure planning.

Proposal 15: Innovative infrastructure planning

We believe infrastructure planning needs to look ahead so that it can deliver low carbon solutions, new digital technologies and the facilities that communities need.

Why we are making a change

Planning has a critical role to play in infrastructure planning. An infrastructure first approach can help support the role out of low carbon, energy generation and distribution infrastructure as well as ensuring better integration of land use planning with transport, energy, digital and green infrastructure planning.

What we are doing

  • We have decided to maintain provisions for low and zero carbon technologies, given our climate change commitments.
  • Work continues to progress across policy areas (e.g. low carbon, digital and education).

How we will deliver change

  • Primary legislation – no
  • Secondary Legislation – no
  • Guidance – yes
  • Non legislative action – yes

Next steps

  • We have taken forward enhanced permitted development rights for telecommunications infrastructure and our work on education infrastructure planning continues.



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