Places, people and planning: update on proposal 13

Update on actions relating to proposal 13: embedding an infrastructure first approach.

Proposal 13: Embedding an infrastructure first approach.

There is a need for better co-ordination of infrastructure planning at a national and regional level. This will require a stronger commitment to delivering development from all infrastructure providers.

Why we are making a change

Infrastructure plays a critical role in how a place functions. We want infrastructure to help us build places which function properly so people have choices about how they move around, access facilities and live sustainable healthy lives. Infrastructure is also a critical element for achieving sustainable economic growth.

What we are doing

  • Meetings of the infrastructure delivery group are now underway. These meetings are attended by infrastructure providers from a wide range of sectors and will provide a platform for better alignment and co-ordination of planned development and infrastructure.

  • We will work with the Scottish Futures Trust on unblocking stalled sites.

  • The Planning Bill includes a technical amendment to the definition of 'key agencies' to potentially allow inclusion of a wider range of infrastructure partners to engage with the Development Plan process.

How we will deliver change

  • primary legislation – a change to the definition of "key agencies" is included in the Planning Bill
  • secondary Legislation – regulations specifying "key agencies" may be amended, if required
  • guidance – yes
  • non-legislative action – yes

Next steps

  • To develop the regional scale of infrastructure planning in more detail, we will explore approaches to regional scale infrastructure planning further over the coming months.
  • We will also continue to work with infrastructure providers, for example through the infrastructure delivery group, to define how best to facilitate their involvement in the planning system.

Relevant documents

  • Infrastructure Delivery Group – Meeting minutes – 29 October 2019
  • Infrastructure Delivery Group - Meeting minutes - 5 December 2018 
  • Infrastructure Delivery Group - Meeting minutes - 6 June 2018
  • Infrastructure Delivery Group - Terms of Reference 
Infrastructure Delivery Group – Terms of Reference



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