Physical commodity balances of oil, gas and petroleum: 1998-2017

Physical Commodity Balances of Oil, Gas & Petroleum, 1998-2017.

List of Tables

  • 3.1 Supply and use of crude oil, natural gas liquids and feedstocks (tonnes) 1998-2017
  • 3.2 Supply and use of petroleum products (tonnes) 1998-2017
  • 4.1 Supply and Consumption of natural gas (GWh) 1998-2017

The annual commodity balance tables (in tonnes or GWh) for Oil, Gas and Petroleum Products are consistent with similar tables published by BEIS in DUKES and Energy Trends.

Table 5.1 - Foreign and UK Trade in Oil and Gas (¬£million) - had been discontinued from this release. Estimates of oil and gas trade have now been consolidated within national accounts as part of the Whole of Scotland Economic Accounts Project.

The Annual Commodity Balances are also the source for updated energy balance tables (in TOE) published in Energy Statistics Database on 27 March 2019.

Physical commodity balances


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