Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Programme Board minutes: 26 November 2020

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 26 November 2020.

Attendees and apologies


  • Alex Brown


  • Hugh Masters, Chair, PNIMH Programme Board, Scottish Government
  • Sally Amor, Child Health Commissioner & North of Scotland representative, NHS Highland
  • Alex Brown, Programme Support Officer, NHS National Services Scotland
  • Roch Cantwell, Lead Clinician, Perinatal Mental Health Managed Clinical Network, NHS National Services Scotland
  • Ruth Christie Workstream Lead, Children, Young People, Families and Relationships, Scottish Government
  • Amanullah Durrani, Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist, Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Fiona Fraser, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
  • Marsaili Fraser, Performance Advisor, Inspiring Scotland
  • Jacqueline Lambert, Professional Midwifery Advisor, Scottish Government
  • Anne McFadyen, Infant Mental Health Lead, Perinatal Mental Health Managed Clinical Network NHS National Services Scotland
  • Clare McGuire, Head of Programme, NHS Education for Scotland
  • Marie Claire Shankland, Programme Director, NHS Education for Scotland
  • Helen Sloan, Nurse Consultant Perinatal Mental Health, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
  • Joanne Smith, Policy Manager, Everyone’s Business, NSPCC
  • Judy Thomson, Director of Psychology, NHS Education for Scotland
  • Clare Thompson, Participation Officer, Maternal Mental Health Scotland
  • Harriet Waugh, Head of Perinatal and Early Years Mental Health Team, Scottish Government

In attendance

  • Hannah Axon, Policy Manager, COSLA
  • Jemma Davis, Perinatal and Early Years Mental Health Team, Scottish Government
  • Barbara Kennie, Perinatal and Early Years Mental Health Team, Scottish Government
  • Katy Lister, Perinatal and Early Years Mental Health Team, Scottish Government
  • Aigli Raouna, Perinatal and Early Years Mental Health Team Internship, Scottish Government


  • Julia Abel, Head of Development & Partnerships, Inspiring Scotland
  • Jeff Ace, Chief Executive, NHS Dumfries & Galloway
  • Sheila Gordon, Director, CrossReach
  • Ann Holmes, Chief Midwifery Advisor & Associate Chief Nursing Officer Scottish Government
  • Sally Ann Kelly, Chief Executive, Aberlour
  • Eileen McKenna, Associate Director, Royal College of Nursing
  • David Pickering- Gummer, General Manager, NHS Lothian
  • Mary-Ross Davie, Director, Royal College of Midwives

Items and actions

Welcome, apologies and housekeeping

Hugh Masters (Chair) welcomed everyone to the tenth Perinatal and Infant Mental Health (PNIMH) Programme Board meeting, and apologies were noted as above.

The group agreed that the minutes circulated were an accurate representation of the September meeting, and the Chair gave an update on the outstanding actions.

  • the Mother-Baby Unit (MBU) Family Fund launched on the 10 October. The time period for claiming from the fund, and the amount that can be claimed, have been adjusted, particularly in response to those travelling to the MBUs from the far north of Scotland
  • Harriet Waugh (Head of Perinatal and Early Years Mental Health Team, Scottish Government) advised that her and Judy Thomson (Director of Psychology, NHS Education for Scotland) were in the process of arranging a meeting to discuss workforce and sustainability
  • the Chair advised that the Scottish Government (SG) PNIMH Policy Team would follow up on the action to get in contact with the National Rural Mental Health Forum

Chair’s update

The Chair advised that he had been and continued to work with the SG Chief Nursing Officer Directorate on the pandemic response, and was supported by the SG Policy Team to ensure that work of the PNIMH Programme Board continues.

Participation Officer actions and progress

Peer support event

Clare Thompson (Participation Officer for the PNIMH Programme Board) thanked those who attended the Peer Support Roundtable Event on 30th October, and advised that an event report was available on the Maternal Mental Health Scotland (MMHS) website. Clare highlighted that some event attendees had shared a written piece on what peer support means to them, and those submissions would be published on the MMHS blog every Friday at 9.30am until the end of December, in an effort to continue the conversation and progress around Peer Support.

Maternal Mental Health Scotland art project

Clare advised that the participatory art project, which had been funded by the Inspiring Scotland run PIMH Fund, had met for the second time in November. The project looked at lived experiences of services, and Clare advised that MMHS were searching for opportunities to display the artwork.

Clare invited the group to get in touch if anyone was interested in displaying the finished exhibition in their area in 2021.

Health Board Lived Experience engagement

Clare shared the good news that a number of Health Boards she had spoken with were developing strategies for community engagement to inform their service development.

  • NHS Lanarkshire have offered opportunities for involvement at various levels to ensure that attending a meeting is not the only way to be involved, and to develop a long term strategy
  • NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (GGC) are linking with the GGC Mental Health Network to support people who are involved in service development in their service design
  • NHS Tayside have developed an engagement strategy and released a survey to capture experiences of their perinatal services
  • NHS Forth Valley have multiple people with lived experience involved with their teams

Clare offered her expertise to the Health Boards in developing their strategies, and to all networks regarding community engagement. The Chair congratulated Clare on her hard work and the progress made.

Stigma report findings

Aigli Raouna (Perinatal and Early Years Mental Health Team Internship, SG) presented the high level findings of her literature review focused on stigma in perinatal mental health.

The Chair advised that Aigli’s findings would inform the Raising Awareness, Reducing Stigma strategy being developed by the SG Policy Team, and feed into the work of the Equalities subgroup. Aigli’s presentation was circulated prior to the meeting as a paper, and would be made available on the SG website when the PNIMH Programme Board page was established.

Action: SG Policy Team

Communication strategy

Alex Brown (Programme Support Officer, NHS National Services Scotland) presented the PNIMH Programme Board’s Communication and Engagement Strategy, on behalf of Maria Eleftheriadou (Perinatal and Early Years Mental Health Team, Scottish Government) who was unable to join the meeting. The Strategy document was circulated after the meeting, and all members were invited to provide suggestions on upcoming engagement opportunities, and any other comments on Programme Board communications. The PNIMH Programme Board Twitter handle is @PNIMHScot.

Action: All

Joanne Smith (Policy Manager, NSPCC) suggested that the PNIMH Programme Board should host more high profile events involving the Minister for Mental Health. The Chair committed to meet with the Perinatal Mental Health Managed Clinical Network (MCN) before the end of 2020, to further consider a four-nation roundtable event.

Action: Hugh Masters

Health Board allocations

Harriet Waugh gave an overview of the funding allocations made to the regional health boards.

The presentation was circulated after the meeting, and a service development map would be available in 2021 to display progress in each area.

  • to date, all boards, with the exception of NHS Western Isles, have been funded for the development of Specialist Community Perinatal Mental Health Services
  • nine boards committed to the development of maternity and neonatal psychological intervention services
  • IMH allocations consisted of wave one, wave two or embedded within the Specialist Community Perinatal Mental Health allocation. Five boards committed to the development of standalone Infant Mental Health services as part of waves one or two
  • lived experience was mentioned by a number of boards and would be further assessed via the board monitoring
  • at the time of the meeting, NHS Grampian’s final allocation was still to be confirmed
  • please note that the figures included in the summary are provisional, and that the 2021/2022 Scottish Budget had yet to be confirmed. All figures have been rounded down to the nearest thousand, and would be updated as recruitment progresses
  • if you have requests or queries to do with sharing this funding information out with the Programme Board, please get in contact by email

The Chair advised that the funding allocations were based on Scottish Government’s desire for the Health Boards to meet the staffing recommendations in Delivering Effective Services, but had to be considered alongside what was achievable for services in a short timescale, bearing in mind issues with the pandemic, workforce and budgets. The Chair informed the group that there was enthusiasm and increased expenditure from the Health Boards, and the continuing workforce issues would begin to be addressed by the recently established Workforce Planning subgroup.

Anne McFadyen (Infant Mental Health Lead, PNIMH Programme Board) gave a short update:

  • five health boards had committed to Infant Mental Health (IMH) funding and there was interest from others
  • the SG Policy Team are developing an Infant Rights Assessment
  • the first IMH Clinical Forum took place on 23 November. The Terms of Reference was updated with points regarding equity of access and rights to service

Programme Board Update


The Chair advised that Programme Board membership was being reviewed to ensure it was effective, appropriate and representative of the full range of stakeholders. He requested that those who had capacity did attend meetings, or send a deputy in their place.


Workforce planning

Harriet Waugh advised that David Pickering-Gummer (General Manager, NHS Lothian) would be chairing the recently established Workforce Planning subgroup. At the time of the meeting, the membership was made up of SG, MCN, NES and professional advisors. An invite for the first meeting would be issued in early 2021. The aim of the group is primarily on supporting boards

with recruitment and tackling sustainability issues of perinatal mental health services both now and after the lifetime of the Programme Board.


Harriet advised that Helen Sloan (Nurse Consultant Perinatal Mental Health, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde) was chairing the Equalities Subgroup. The group was established to ensure that learning from the Equality Impact Assessment is effectively put into practice through Programme Board Activities and has a meaningful impact on service development. The group will also seek to identify any potential gaps in the literature. Membership of this group includes a range of stakeholders from IMH, Third Sector, and Lived Experience, and the inaugural meeting would be held on 16 December.

Harriet asked that if anyone on the board has interest in either of these groups or know of someone who does, please contact them by email

Date and time of next meeting

Thursday 28 January 2021, 14:00-15:30.

Post-meeting note: The Communication & Engagement Strategy, the Health Board Funding Summary Presentation, the Infant Mental Health Progress Report and update papers from the Perinatal Mental Health Managed Clinical Network and NHS Education for Scotland were circulated via email after the meeting.



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