Pelvic Floor Registry Implementation Group: terms of reference

Terms of reference for the Pelvic Floor Registry Implementation Group.


The pilot Pelvic Floor Registry (pPFR) is planned to run from July – December 2021, followed by a concise evaluation, review and national rollout across all Boards, subject to agreement, during 2022.  

To deliver this a number of working groups (clinical and information governance) under the remit of the Mesh Accountable Officers’ Short Life Working Group are making preparations to start the pilot in four Boards (the national specialist service in NHS GGC, NHS Grampian, NHS Lothian and NHS Fife).  

The current individual arrangements for the working groups have been effective to attain the majority of the individual stages in pilot site readiness. However, during the operational stage of pPFR activity, an implementation group whose membership provides specialist knowledge bases to advise/adapt all system processes from the four pilot sites would optimise learning, experience and knowledge for national implementation. 

Purpose of Pelvic Floor Registry pilot Implementation Group

To oversee the rollout and evaluation of the PFR pilot, as well as the subsequent live rollout across all Health Boards.  The Group will be operational between June 2021 to July 2023, though activity, including meetings, is expected to reduce in the latter stages.  The formation of the Group and its remit will be announced to the four pilot Boards through a Chief Medical Officer’s letter.


  • to develop an Implementation Toolkit/information pack for all Boards to support PFR local implementation with regular updating as necessary
  • to monitor site process/system activities and adaptations needed to ensure pilot rollout progress through monthly meetings
  • to oversee the pilot evaluation
  • to oversee the national rollout 



  • confirm the data transfer mechanisms 
  • regular review of individual pilot site data collection and submission methods with gap analysis supported by the UDI Taskforce
  • review data ascertainment (including data items for clinical sufficiency) through receipt of reports from Public Health Scotland via their monthly reports from NHS Digital
  • review NHS Digital developments 
  • arrange pilot evaluation documents and its dissemination 
  • review evaluation feedback and provide a final pilot report to the Accountable Officers and SG policy team 

Information governance 

  • agree and accept the information governance pack 
  • support NHS Digital 2nd PBPP application 
  • agree method of rollout systems including PBPP and s255 letter 

Education and training 

  • support national rollout workshops 
  • review national rollout six monthly then annually until 2023 


  • support Boards with communications



The group will report to the Accountable Officers SLWG and ultimately to the Chief Medical Officer through the Medical Devices and Legislation policy team.  


No additional funding will be made available for the group’s work unless there is a need to support protected time for lead clinician.

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