Pelvic Floor Registry Implementation Group minutes: November 2021

Minutes from the Pelvic Floor Registry Implementation Group meeting on the 3 November 2021.

Items and actions


Sara Davies
Chris Hemming
David Bishop
Cory Sherazee

Spotlight and commentary

  • purpose of the group is to oversee rollout and evaluation and to subsequently look at the formal rollout through the NHS 
  • the remit of the group is to support the development of an information toolkit for participants in the pilot, as well as other health boards


UDI programme

  • project business case made to Health and Social Care Management Board
  • agreed multi-year programme, funding agreed until March 2023 and will go to spending review after that
  • NSS will undertake the work and hope to get up and running in earnest around January 2022

Updates from boards

NHS Grampian

  • met with NHS Digital and went through items on which data to be collected
  • commented that COVID is impeding number of procedures that can be done in relation to PF procedures

Independent sector update

  • BMI Healthcare has three locations in Scotland and now has budget allocation and helpful contacts from NHS Digital for digital interfacing

NHS digital update on pelvic floor registry

  • developed the Plan On A Page as a starting point and visual aid
  • aim to refine it over the coming weeks to aid development of this programme and create more suitable and bespoke plan for each devolved administration
  • hoping to get Devolved administrations 255 sign off in December and commence pilot in January
  • test account set up for web form should be happening in the next few weeks and there will be a different process for bulk upload

Information governance

  • cyber security profile can now be shared with specialists so data security impact assessment can be done
  • the next meeting is on Tuesday 9 November 2021 and hoping most can be signed off by then
  • section 255 letter is being finally checked by NSS and Scottish Government and hopefully in final form to be reviewed this week
  • hopefully some data can continue while the evaluation is underway but this needs to be captured in the s255 letter

Summary and actions

  • next meetings - 1 December 2021, 13 January 2022, 10 March 2022


  • share op note from the beginning of the year - Veenu Tyagi
  • add agenda item to discuss NHS D starter pack at next meeting - secretariat
  • circulate the test account document with caveat that it is only in draft form - NHS Digital
  • share link for to chapter 17 consultation - secretariat
  • add discussion of when we stop inputting data after pilot to agenda for next month’s meeting - secretariat
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