Pelvic Floor Registry Implementation Group minutes: June 2022

Minutes from the group's meeting on the 1 June 2022.

Attendees and apologies

  • Christine Hemming, Deputy MD for AcuteSector/DCD Med/Gynaecologist, NHS Grampian
  • Susan Lloyd-MacGilp, IRIC Co-ordinator, National Services Scotland
  • Alison Smith, Executive Director, BMI Healthcare
  • Helen Simpsony, Consultant Urologist, NHS Fife
  • Iain Robertson, Chair UDI Taskforce, Scottish Government
  • Frankie Wallace, Programme Lead, Scan for Safety, Scottish Government
  • Julia Wilkens, Consultant, Obs and Gynae, NHS Lothian
  • Stuart Mcphail, Information Governance and Assurance Officer, Scottish Government
  • Marie McInally, Practitioner Services Division, National Services Scotland
  • Payal Narula, Senior Information Business Analyst Developer ,NHS Grampian
  • Michelle Campbell, Information Governance Manager, NHS Fife
  • Helen Storkey, Information Consultant, Public Health Scotland
  • Lynette Douglas, Urogynae Support Administrator, NHS Grampian
  • Alan Bell, Head of Information Governance and Data Protection, NHS Grampian
  • Jennifer Stewart, Senior Development Officer, Women’s Health, Health and Social Care Allianc, Scotland
  • Nicola Brown, Project Support Officer, National Services Scotland


  • Sara Davies, Public Health Consultant, Scottish Government
  • Jonathan Todd, Head of Information Management, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Dyllis Bruce, Clinical Coding Manager, eHealth, NHS Grampian
  • Pam Cairns, IT and Business Delivery Manager, NHS Digital
  • Cowan Botha, Senior Project Manager – Devolved Administrations and Independent/Private Sector Lead, NHS Digital
  • John Sturgeon, Head of Programmes and Development, eHealth, NHS Lothian
  • Tracey McKinley, Information Governance and Security Manager, NHS Lothian
  • Jill Burke, Project Manager, UDI Taskforce, National Services Scotland
  • Veenu Tyagi, Clinician, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Martin Clunie, IT Security Manager, NHS Lothian
  • Sheethal Madari, Consultant Gynaecologist, NHS Grampian
  • Stewart Whyte, Information Governance Manager, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Rowen Paton, Strategy and Development Programme Manager EPR, eHealth, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • George Fernie, Senior Medical Reviewer, Health Improvement Scotland
  • Fiona Alcorn, Director of Clinical Services, Spire Edinburgh Hospitals, Murrayfield
  • Linda Hodges, Director of Clinical Services, BMI, Ross Hall Hospital
  • Richmond Davies, Information Consultant, Public Health Scotland
  • Sulisti Holmes, Head of Decontamination, National Services Scotland
  • Irene Oldfather, Director, Strategic Partnerships and Engagement, Health and Social Care Allianc, Scotland
  • Elizabeth MacDonald, Patient Member, Health and Social Care Alliance, Scotland
  • David Bishop, Mesh Team Leader, Scottish Government
  • Elena Beratarbide, Head of Information Assurance and Risk, Scottish Government
  • Kevin Irving, IT Security Manager, NHS Fife
  • Peter Murphy, Data Manager, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Paula Meechan, Practitioner Services Division, National Services Scotland 

Items and actions


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting today, including any new members and requested that Declaration of Interests should be sent to the Project Support Officer.

As well as the agenda, the Flash Report and previous minutes have been shared. The Chair asked for any concerns on the accuracy of the minutes or any comments. Minutes and Flash Report were approved.

Information governance

The DPIA draft has been completed. This can now be shared with each Board for scoring. Section 255 is currently between NHS Digital and National Services Scotland (NSS) to finalise the latest draft as it stands and then embed the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

This concludes the work and the privacy information will be placed on NHS Inform and developed by the subgroup. When the group is happy with the Section 255 it can be sent to the Boards for action locally.

The subgroup will be thanked, wound up and a new volunteer appointed for this group. The membership of Information Governance (IG) attendees should be revised as all members of the IG subgroup are invited to attend.

Patient representatives should be sighted on the work that has been completed to ensure they are happy with the data being captured.

The Implementation group have to look through the draft DPIA and each Pilot Board needs to review and agree if they align with their Board.


Who should be involved in the Health Board review?

The Data Protection Officer and Security Officer review and provide guidance and it is the responsibility of the responsible Executive in each Board to sign off.

Pilot board updates

The Chair invited representatives from the four pilot boards to provide update

NHS Grampian

Arranged meeting with NHS Digital to get started

NHS Fife

NHS Digital has been in contact with nominated IT Lead who will be supporting bulk upload and put NHS Digital in contact with administrator who will do the bulk upload to go through training.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GGC)

No representative

NHS Lothian

No update

Independent sector update

No representative

NHS Digital report

No representative

Patient representative update

No representative

Any other business

There has been a review of adverse events so far this year and there has only been 1 incident this year, whereas last year there was 22. Wondering if repairs and removals are still ongoing or if surgeons have been too busy to report to Incident Reporting and Investigation Centre (IRIC). A report for Scottish Government is due at the end of June, and data seems low.

This note was raised at the September meeting when the following was clarified. Removals are conducted at NHS GGC where surgery has been affected by the pandemic. IRIC is involved. Support from IRIC is always useful. 

No update from Medical Device Information System.


Progress with information governance, and request to Board to please assist with DPIA and Section 255 to allow progress and action.


  • share DPIA with Implementation Group – Nicola Brown
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