Pelvic Floor Registry Implementation Group minutes: July 2021

Minutes from the group's meeting on the 14 July 2021.

Items and actions

Spotlight and commentary

Purpose of the group is to oversee rollout and evaluation and to subsequently look at the formal rollout through the NHS.

The remit of the group is to support the development of an information toolkit for participants in the pilot, as well as other health boards.

Next meeting: 11 August 2021 9:30 – 11:00


NHS Digital update on Pelvic Floor Registry

NHS Digital were commissioned by the Secretary of State to set up a registry to track and trace pelvic floor implants in England’s patients. This was a response to the Cumberlege review.

Aim to get a clear view of what implants are out there, their effects, if recalls are needed and who is affected, have the ability to validate details with devolved nations and reach out to patients.

Data being submitted either by web- form or bulk upload. Part of the remit of this group will be to consider the practicality and feasibility of various approaches.

NHS Digital expect a significant number of procedures to be input over the next year.

Information governance update

Working on a national assurance pack for the pilot to present to the boards for their approval.

Progressing the NHSD Section 255 letter and information sharing agreement for the pilot

Updates from Boards

NHS Grampian

Main concern is that, due to COVID, only limited numbers of procedures may be carried out, and therefore a limited amount of data to report.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Have internal meetings set up and been testing using dummy data.

Have established a local team to move forward.


  • update flow diagram to represent the flow of information to and from the private sector
  • generate wider list of stakeholders for circulation of reports
  • create web space on for papers and declarations of interest
  • develop structured template for Board feedback
  • set up evaluation subgroup
  • share latest version of technical data specification with the group
  • PHS will provide a report to this group at a later date with estimated figures for next meeting in August
  • identify peers in pilot sites to provide feedback/advice
  • check whether any other members nominated
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