Pelvic Floor Registry Implementation Group minutes: January 2022

Minutes from the Pelvic Floor Registry Implementation Group meeting on the 12 January 2022.

Items and actions


Sara Davies
Chris Hemming
David Bishop
Cory Sherazee

Spotlight and commentary

  • purpose of the group is to oversee rollout and evaluation and to subsequently look at the formal rollout through the NHS
  • the remit of the group is to support the development of an information toolkit for participants in the pilot, as well as other health boards


Information package

  • placeholder information pack has been created, and will be shared for comments and feedback
  • reviewing the best way for this to be distributed
  • this group with authorise the information that will be included in the packs

Updates from boards

NHS Lothian

  • procurement manager is currently implementing Genesis, this seems to be a good match and there is a technical discussion ongoing
  • confirmation that the Genesis solution does offer a lot of the field entries that will be required for these registries
  • looking at what can be done via the inventory systems is definitely a way to proceed as England currently use those options
  • scanning capability would be interesting to review to support accuracy and data quality

Independent sector

  • BMI have not been successful in engaging with the project, working to locate the required resource

NHS digital update on pelvic floor registry

  • latest draft of the s255 was received in early January and has been passed for review
  • currently collating as much data from providers as possible in England, and there is a review on which method of data collection will be best suited for Scottish submissions
  • there has been a data mapping exercise carried out and the next key stage is to identify the right representatives from each board to support data extraction two

Information governance

  • section s255 has gone back to NHS Digital
  • the DPIA is going to do work on this, once security comments have been returned
  • ISA is currently being progressed

Summary and actions


  • support investigation with the boards and NHS Digital in relation to the extraction script – Sara Davies
  • get resource names to NHS Digital to support progression and require representative from the independent sector in relation to the extraction script – Alison Smith
  • share link and advise once clinical codes are live on the website – Danish Mahmood
  • aim for a further demonstration of the web-based form once Scottish centres provided with access codes – Danish Mahmood
  • support links in NHS Fife - chair
  • link with NHS Lothian on Genesis work – Iain Robertson
  • share the zip file for review and comments – Sara Davies
  • re-share the questionnaire – Sara Davies
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