Pelvic Floor Registry Implementation Group minutes: February 2022

Minutes from the Pelvic Floor Registry Implementation Group meeting on the 9 February 2022.

Items and actions

Spotlight and commentary

Purpose of the group is to oversee rollout and evaluation and to subsequently look at the formal rollout through the NHS.  

The remit of the group is to support the development of an information toolkit for participants in the pilot, as well as other health boards.


Information package

Aim for provide information about registry for Boards. Letter with  agreed information by members to be sent to Boards with the legal basis, information governance, data submission processes (both web or hybrid with the bulk upload) that they could use depending on their needs.  

Updates from Boards

NHS Lothian

Requests to know predicted and required timelines to support resource needs and communicate this to the organisation. 

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Updated on questionnaire by the Wider UK Mesh Group, aiming to streamline the trends and prompts. It has been agreed that ePAC questionnaire along with other health and pain questionnaires will be used. For Mesh services ePAC questionnaires and 5 other questionnaires will be used. GG&C are planning to ask all patients to use questionnaires from this month.  

Independent sector

The data set from the pilot Pelvic Floor Registry Implementation Group was shared with the UDI Programme and the Independent Sector IT Lead. The BMI progress is the furthest ahead and well aligned with the project. 

Transvaginal mesh implants

A report from our Incident Reporting Investigation Centre (IRIC) was shared with data from 2014. This report provides data on adverse event submissions to IRIC and indirectly with MRHA in relation to transvaginal mesh implants. It is hoped IRIC will receive all submissions directly for Scotland and reported adverse events will be monitored through the centre.

Information governance 

The final comment on the Section 255 will be given to the group for information when available.

The generic DPIA for Scotland has been optimised to allow each Board to adapt for their own purposes if necessary. The outline DPIA is nearly ready for sharing. 

Will provide the Information Sharing Agreement to group and this will include NHS Digital

The system security policy will be provided in final for scrutiny by Cyber Security Officers in each of the pilot Boards. 

Summary actions


  • check declaration of interest has been received 
  • send meeting request for DA Scotland - Data Extraction Script Development Planning to any interested parties ahead 
  • chase the link for clinical codes and send to Project Support Officer once obtained
  • any names interested in attending the web form demonstration should be sent to Project Support Officer to collate
  • take the new referral form for tertiary referral to the Accountable Officers Group to make other Boards aware 
  • meeting with NHS Lothian clinicians to discuss Data Capture
  • share the Information Pack again for those that missed the original copy for comment
  • reach out to patient representatives to ensure there are no concerns at this stage 


Sara Davies

Chris Hemming

David Bishop

Nicola Brown 

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