Patient Safety Commissioner for Scotland Bill: island communities impact assessment screening questions

A screening assessment of the requirement to complete a full island communities impact assessment in relation to the Patient Safety Commissioner Bill.

Step 1 – develop a clear understanding of your objectives

  • What are the objectives of the policy, strategy or service?
  • Do you need to consult?
  • How are islands identified for the purpose of the policy, strategy or service?
  • What are the intended impacts/outcomes and how do these potentially differ in the islands?
  • Is the policy, strategy or service new?

The aim of the legislative proposal is to establish a Patient Safety Commissioner (PSC) for Scotland, who will work with patients and members of the public to make improvements to patient safety.

This is a new Parliamentary office, which is to benefit patients across the whole of Scotland, regardless of their location; islands are therefore not specifically identified. This office is not intended to replace existing mechanisms for raising concerns or providing feedback on health services. The office will be mainland-based but this will not preclude travel to island communities if required.



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