Parents and Carers Research: final report January 2018

A report by Progressive Partnership, following research into the role of parents in defining and supporting young people’s career choices.

Aims of the report

The research focused on parents and carers' views, role and influence on their child's education, employment and training, including what they think of the products and services available to them to help them to support their child to make informed choices.

The broad aims of the research were to obtain the views of parents/carers in the following areas:

  • awareness/understanding of the range of options open to young people
  • confidence in helping children make informed choices
  • areas they are asked to provide advice and guidance about
  • aspirations for their child and whether this varies depending on gender
  • sources of information to support and inform their child
  • awareness and perceptions of products and services available around education, employment and training
  • views on the value/benefits of these services
  • how partner services (including DYW partner organisations) could:
  • better engage parents/carers, and how they would like to be contacted
  • better help parents/carers support their children's career choices
  • help parents/carers increase their knowledge and awareness of where and how they can access advice and support around education, employment and training
Parents and Carers Research - final report.pdf
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