Herring in the Firth of Clyde 2022 - setting the total allowable catch: consultation analysis

Summary and analysis of the written responses to the question posed in the consultation document and describes the outcome of the consultation.

1. Introduction

On 13 July 2022, Marine Scotland issued a public consultation seeking views on a Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for herring in the Firth of Clyde in 2022. The consultation closed on 03 August 2022.

This report provides a summary and analysis of the written responses to the question posed in the consultation document[1] and describes the outcome of the consultation.

1.1 Background

The Clyde herring stock is defined as the stock in the maritime area situated to the north-east of a line drawn between the Mull of Kintyre (55° 17,9′ N, 05° 47,8′ W), a point at position (55° 04′ N, 05° 23′ W), and Corsewall Point (55° 00,5′ N, 05° 09,4′ W).

Marine Scotland carried out this consultation on behalf of the UK Fisheries Administrations, to seek views on the level of the 2022 TAC, to permit the allocation of Clyde herring quota to UK fishermen.

1.2 Requirements for determining the TAC

As set out in ANNEX FISH.2F of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement[2], the Clyde herring stock is present only in UK waters, and is not a shared stock with the EU. Clyde herring is located exclusively in Scottish waters.

Setting the TAC for Clyde herring is therefore the sole responsibility of the UK. It should be noted that, similarly, responsibility for setting the Clyde herring TAC was delegated to the UK by the EU prior to 2021, in line with Article 6 of the EU TAC and Quota Regulation (Council Regulation (EU) 2020/123).

1.3 Consultation

A three week consultation mirrored the approach used in previous year and afforded respondents the same length of time to provide views.

Two options for the TAC in 2022 were proposed within the consultation document:

1. Rollover the 2021 TAC at 583 tonnes.

2. Apply a precautionary buffer, i.e. a 20% reduction on the 2021 TAC. This would equate to a TAC in 2022 of 466 tonnes. This option would mirror the approach taken by ICES for some category 3-6 stocks, when the stock status is unknown.

Respondents were asked: What is your view on the options above for a proposed TAC level for Clyde herring in 2022?


Email: clydeherring@gov.scot

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