Online Identity Assurance National Stakeholder Group papers: February 2018

Minutes, Programme Plan, Stakeholder Engagement Plan and Draft Remit and Terms of Reference from the Group's first meeting on 08 February 2018.

Attendees and apologies

Attendees (Members of the National Stakeholder Group)

  • Roger Halliday, Scottish Government (Chair)
  • Bob Miller, Argyll and Bute Council
  • Rachel Heydecker, Carnegie UK Trust
  • Professor Charles Raab, Centre for Research into Information Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP) and University of Edinburgh
  • Douglas Shirlaw, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA)
  • Joy Bramfitt-Wanless, Disclosure Scotland
  • Cameron Walker, Improvement Service
  • Maureen Falconer, Information Commissioner’s Office Scotland
  • Martyn Wallace, Local Government Digital Office
  • David Laughlin, National Entitlement Card Programme Office
  • Alan Ferrier, National Records of Scotland
  • John Welford, No2ID
  • Tommy Laughlin, Scotland IS
  • Penni Rocks, Scottish Government Health and Social Care Integration
  • Emma Harvey, Scottish Government Ingage Team
  • Paul Dymock, Student Awards Agency for Scotland
  • Debbie Walker, Transport Scotland
  • John Findlay, Transport Scotland
  • Danielle Logan, Young Scot
  • Stephanie Brown, Registers of Scotland

Apologies (Members)

  • Arlene Stuart, Social Security Agency
  • David McNeill, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)
  • Douglas White, Carnegie UK Trust
  • Kirsten Urquhart, Young Scot
  • Matthew Rice, Open Rights Group
  • Iain Forrester, Citizens Advice Scotland

Attendees (Public Registration)

  • Stuart Roebuck, Scott Logic
  • Stuart Young, Etive
  • Peter Ferry, Wallet
  • Kaela Scott, Involve
  • David Lord, No2ID

Attendees (Scottish Government ‘Programme Team’ and Delivery Partners)

  • Susie Braham, Scottish Government
  • Mike Crockart, Scottish Government
  • Gavin Ross, Scottish Government
  • Jess Roscoe, Scottish Government
  • Stephen Peacock, Scottish Government
  • Ross Clark, Scottish Government
  • Leona Devlin, Scottish Government
  • Valerie Carr, We Are Snook
  • Gillian Munro, Digital and Technology Fast Streamer

Items and actions

Item 1 – Welcome and introductions

1. Roger Halliday welcomed all to this first meeting of the National Stakeholder Group and provided a brief overview of how Scottish Government intends to adopt a participatory approach to developing a Scottish online identity assurance approach.

2. Invitees introduced themselves and provide a quick summary of their interest in this work.

Item 2 – What’s happening now?

Background, Context and Programme Plan (Paper OIASG-01: Scottish Government Online Identity Assurance Programme Plan)

3. Susie Braham provided an overview of the background to the Online Identity Assurance (OIA) work, emphasising that developing a Scottish approach to online identity assurance for access to public services was a key commitment in the Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy ‘Realising Scotland’s full potential in a Digital World’ (2017).

4. Attendees noted the proposed approach and timetable, as set out in Programme Plan (OIASG-01), without comment.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Paper OIASG-02: Scottish Government Online Identity Assurance Stakeholder Engagement Plan)

5. Susie presented the content of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan, including:

  • the project aims and objectives
  • the list of stakeholders and stakeholder groups
  • the intended stakeholder engagement actions and strategies

6. Attendees noted the contents of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan (OIASG 02) without comment.

Open Government

7. Ross Clark outlined the approach to this programme, which is intended to be consistent with the principles and practice of Open Government. He noted that, to achieve this, Scottish Government aims to work in collaboration with stakeholders; proactively publish key papers and ideas online; and to keep citizen needs at the heart of the emerging work.

Expert Group

8. Susie outlined the intention to form a separate Expert Group to help shape the emerging approaches developed by this work together with subject matter experts.

Service Design Discovery

9. Valerie Carr from We Are Snook (who are contracted to undertake the service design discovery work for this programme) gave an update on their work. She explained that this work will involve extensive engagement with a broad range of people who use public services to better understand their end-to-end experiences and needs in relation to online identity assurance.

10. There are plans to invite the Stakeholder Group to a ‘show and tell’ session, to showcase some of the interim findings from this work and provide an opportunity for the Group to input.

Item 3 – Draft Remit and Terms of Reference (Paper OIASG-03: Draft Remit and Terms of Reference)

11. Susie introduced the Draft Remit and Terms of Reference, including the proposed remit, roles and responsibilities and membership.

12. The Group made the following comments on the membership:

  • that someone should be invited who could speak on behalf of children and young people, potentially a representative from the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland (CYPCS)
  • that someone from Education Scotland should be invited

13. Subject to the changes to membership, the Group agreed the Remit and Terms of Reference (OIASG-03), as drafted.

Action Point 8/2/18-1: Programme Team to Invite CYPCS and Education Scotland to join the Group.

Items 4 and 5 – Workshop Discussions

14. Attendees were divided into tables for the workshop discussions and asked to consider and share their views on the role of the Group, ways of working and the wider programme. The following questions were used to facilitate the discussion:

  • How do we work together?
  • How do you want to influence this programme?
  • What is the problem we are trying to solve?
  • Hopes and fears?

15. Annex A contains the outputs from the workshop discussion.  

Item 6 – What’s Happening Next?

Future meetings

16. The next full meeting of the group is planned to take place in May 2018, following the conclusion of the discovery project.

17. Prior to the next full meeting, Members would be invited to the service design show and tell session.

Action Point 8/2/18-2 – Programme Team to circulate proposed dates for the next full meeting of the Group.

Action Point 8/2/18-3 – Programme Team to circulate the date for the show and tell and to look at the possibility of live streaming the event for the benefit of those unable to attend in person.

Any Other Business

18. There were no items of AOB.

Actions Log

Number Owner Description Progress
8/2/18-1 Programme Team Invite CYPCS and Education Scotland to join the Group
8/2/18-2 Programme Team Circulate proposed dates for the next full meeting of the Group
8/2/18-3 Programme Team Circulate the date for the show and tell and to look at the possibility of live streaming the event for the benefit of those unable to attend in person Complete: Members invited to show and tell on 28 March.
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